Tyler Lanman, MD


  • Internship: UC San Diego
  • Medical School: UC San Diego
  • Undergraduate: UCLA


  • Large Data Analysis, Medical Devices
  • Neuro-oncology, Neurogenetics


Tyler Lanman, Scott Letendre, Qing Ma, Anne Bang, Ronald Ellis. CNS Neurotoxicity of Antiretrovirals. Journal of Neuroimmune Pharmacology (2019).

Lochte, B. C., Carroll, K. T., Hirshman, B., Lanman, T., Carter, B., & Chen, C. C. Smoking as a risk factor for post-craniotomy 30 day mortality. World neurosurgery (2019).

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Lanman T, Compton J, Carroll K, Hirshman B, Ali B, Lochte B, Carter B, Chen C. Survival patterns of oligoastrocytoma patients: A surveillance, epidemiology and end results (SEER) based analysis. Interdisciplinary Neurosurgery (2017).

Carroll, K, Hirshman B, Ali B, Alattar, A, Brandel M, Lochte B, Lanman T, Carter B, Chen C. Management and Survival Patterns of Patients with Gliomatosis Cerebri: A SEER-Based Analysis. World Neurosurgery (2017).

Lanman T, Bakar D, Badders N, Burke A, Kokkinis A, Shrader JA, Galen J, Schindler A, Bott L, Harmison G, Taylor P, Fischbeck K. Sexual Reassignment Fails to Prevent Kennedy’s Disease. Journal of Neuromuscular Diseases (2016).

Harriet BE, Lanman T, Carmichael ST. Mouse intracerebral hemorrhage models produce different degrees of initial and delayed damage, axonal sprouting, and recovery. Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism (2014).


  • 2019: Medical Student Prize for Excellence in Neurology
  • 2016: Medical Student Training in Aging Research Grant
  • 2015: Intramural Research Training Award, Outstanding Poster Award
  • 2014: Phi Beta Kappa, Departmental Honors, College Honors, Honors Academic Scholarship


  • Cooking (manages GradFood.com, a food blog for grad students)
  • Soccer, Running, Rock Climbing, Basketball