Neurosurgery Grand Rounds

July 6

Initial Optimization of Nucleus Accumbens DBS with Coordinated Reset Stimulation for Binge Drinking

Allen Ho, MD, Neurosurgery Resident

Optic Nerve Diffusion Tensor Abnormality in Children Presenting Acutely with Hydrocephalus

Jennifer Quon, MD, Neurosurgery Resident

ASL Perfusion Imaging of the Frontal Lobes Predicts the Occurrence and Resolution of Posterior Fossa Syndrome

Derek Yecies, MD, Neurosurgery Resident

Department of Neurosurgery, Stanford University School of Medicine

July 13

Peripheral Nerve Tumors:  To grow or not to grow that is the question

Michel Kliot, MD
Clinical Professor, Department of Neurosurgery, Stanford University School of Medicine

July 20

Sub-Intern Research Presentations

Ziconotide May Accelerate a Decrease in Oral Opioid Intake in Patients with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
Eric Herring, Medical Student

Intracranial Hemorrhage in DVT/PE Patients without Atrial Fibrillation: Direct Oral Anticoagulants versus Warfarin
Layton Lamsam, Medical Student

The Preservation of Cognition 1 Year After Carotid Endarterectomy in Patients With Prior Cognitive Decline
Sarah Larson, Medical Student

Electrical Stimulation of the Spinal Cord and Dorsal Roots to Restore Sensory Feedback After Upper-Limb Amputation
Ahmed Kashkouch, Medical Student

Improving Value in Neurosurgery with Transitional Care Programs
Faith Roberston, Medical Student

Dystroglycan: Form and Function in the Developing Brain
Himanshu Sharma, Medical Student

July 27

Departmental Conference for JUNE 2018

(Hospital and Professional staff only)