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The American Neurological Association 3rd annual International Outreach Travel Scholarship

The American Neurological Association is pleased to announce the third annual International Outreach Travel Scholarship, enabling young neurologists to pursue their interests in global neurology.

This program funds two or more scholarships to facilitate scientists in training in neurology to work in low to lower-middle income countries (as defined by the World Bank) for a minimum of six weeks during the upcoming academic year.

Applications will be evaluated on the project's relevance to both the host country's needs and the applicant's education, as well as the scope of the ANA.This application will require the support of an in-country host as well as an ANA mentor in the applicant's current training location. All applicants - whether residents, fellows or junior faculty members - must be ANA members in good standing in their current training program.

The recipients of the scholarship will be announced at this year's ANA Annual Meeting to be held October 13-15, 2019 in St. Louis, and all applicants are encouraged to attend.

Additional details and the International Outreach Travel Scholarship application can be found here. Please contact Helen Mack at for further information.


2019 ANA International Outreach Travel Scholarship Application

The ANA's International Outreach Travel Scholarship is a great opportunity for fellows and junior faculty interested in working abroad as academic neurologists. Most funding opportunities for individuals at that level anticipate longer commitments (1-2 years) which can be a challenge to negotiate both personally and professionally. This is also ideal for someone who has not worked abroad but wants to see if the setting and challenges suit them.

Deadline: July 01, 2019, at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time

The Gilbert S. Omenn Fellowship

The Omenn Fellowship is awarded for a two-year period. During this time, the fellow is expected to continue to work at his/her main academic post, while being assigned to a health- and medicine-related board of the National Academies. The boards are:

  • ·         Children, Youth, and Families
    ·         Food and Nutrition
    ·         Global Health
    ·         Health Care Services
    ·         Health of Select Populations
    ·         Health Sciences Policy
    ·         Population Health and Public Health Practice

The fellowship requires a 10 to 20 percent commitment of time over two years, and includes attendance at a one-week orientation to health policy in October, the Fall NAM Annual Meeting, and meetings of an assigned board. Additionally, the fellow will participate actively in the work of an appropriate expert study committee or roundtable, including contributing to its reports or other products. Studies will be identified that would enable the fellow to contribute value to the integration of medicine and public health.

This experience will introduce the Omenn Fellow to a variety of experts and perspectives, including legislators, government officials, industry leaders, executives of voluntary health organizations, scientists, and other health professionals. In addition, each fellow will be assigned an NAM member who will serve as a senior mentor during the two years of the fellowship.

A flexible research stipend of $25,000 is awarded to each Omenn Fellow. The stipend will be administered through the appropriate department in the fellow’s home institution. Stipends are not intended for us as salary offsets.

The 2019 call for nominations is open until June 3 at 3:00pm ET.  A complete nomination packet must be submitted electronically at  For any questions, call (202) 334-1506 or refer to the Guide to Nominations.