Neurology Residents 2023-2024

Benefits and Perks

GME Extras (in addition to salaries shown on the right)



Annual educational allowance $2,000*

Paid in November providing, all required HealthStream and EPIC/LINKS modules are completed by house staff's assigned deadline

Cell phone allowance $1,000*

Automatically added to paycheck in July

Food allowance $10 per day (shifts of 12 hours or longer for clinical rotations only at SHC & LPCH)*

Payments made on last paycheck of each month

Meal money is taxable income

Housing stipend $7,200 per year (paid as $600 monthly)*+

Automatically paid on 1st paycheck of each month

Medical, dental, vision, and long-term disability insurance provided

Eligible to participate on house staff's hire date

Moving allowance (new hires only) $3,000*

Automatically added to a paycheck in August

1% annual bonus based on completion of a Quality Improvement Project*

Automatically paid at the end of each academic year in June

Cost of initial CA MD license and renewals

Paid upon reimbursement submission for academic year expense occurrence

Cost of initial DEA and renewals

Paid upon reimbursement submission for academic yearexpense occurrence

Cost of USMLE Part Ill for Interns

Paid upon reimbursement submission for academic year expense occurrence


Department Perks

  • $600 per year Extra Education Allowance that can roll over but must use prior to graduation  
  • 100% protected resident FUN retreat (past destinations include Carmel, Santa Cruz)
  • Annual AAN membership and Continuum subscription during residency
  • Fund attendance and provide service coverage to attend AAN in senior year 
  • Fund attendance of 2 additional national or international conferences if presenting
  • Dinner with world-class visiting neurologists as part of Grand Rounds
  • Other goodies: jackets, happy hours, etc.  

Health Care

  • Free Medical, Dental, Vision, Mental Health, and Long-Term Disability Insurance
    Free health care for partner and discounted care for families
    Medications prescriptions including waived co-pays at Medical Plaza Pharmacy (211 Quarry Rd)
    Access to Stanford Integrative Medicine clinic which may include free massages
    $500 for wellness-based online health initiatives to be used towards any health related expenses


Other benefits


Complimentary access to the Circles Concierge program, designed to help enrollees optimize their time and facilitate work-life integration in the face of incredibly intense work demands. It saves individuals an average of over 1 hour per request and can help with a wide variety of tasks, such as:

  • Sourcing and arranging home cleaning services, plumbers, electricians, HVAC, landscapers, etc.
  • Making flower and gift suggestions and purchases, including out-of-state options
  • Finding fun local outdoor activities (e.g. nearby hiking trails that allow dogs)
  • Sourcing grocery and pre-made meal delivery services 
  • Finding camps, classes, and other programs to supplement traditional childcare options
  • Researching elder care options
  • Finding and securing pet sitters
  • Identifying automotive services, like smog checks, open on evenings and weekends
  • Finding lodging & short-term rentals for visiting parents providing childcare coverage

Stanford HealthCare Resident Salaries 2023-2024

Year Annual Per Month
PGY I $77,729.60 $6,477.34
PGY II $81,660.80 $6,804.94
PGY III $87,838.40 $7,319.73
PGY IV $92,830.40 $7,735.72
PGY V $98,654.40 $8,221.04
PGY VI $103,001.60 $8,583.30
PGY VII $108,784.00 $9,065.16
PGY VIII $113,734.40 $9,477.68

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