The Division of Child Neurology at Stanford

Our Mission: To be a premier center for child neurology and neuroscience, serving quaternary care and community needs, via novel interdisciplinary collaborations

Child Neurology

The Child Neurology Division is devoted to the diagnosis, treatment, and research of neurological diseases that may strike children from the neonatal period through late adolescence. Physicians within the Division study and manage a wide variety of disorders, from brain tumors and epilepsy to muscular dystrophy and stroke.  

Given the broad clinical purview of child neurology, the Division is home to a large, interdisciplinary team of physicians, nurses, researchers, and clinical trainees from many specialties. The Division continues to be in an explosive growth phase, adding many new faculty and trainees.

Patients are seen at Stanford Children's Health, which provides quality, comprehensive neurological evaluation and care.

Stanford Children's Health

Our child neurology team specializes in treating the full range of neurological conditions in infants, children and adolescents, from head injury to genetic and neuromuscular disorders.