Stanford Resident/Fellow Quality Improvement & Patient Safety Symposium

The ninth annual Stanford Resident/Fellow Quality Improvement & Patient Safety Symposium was held on May 15, 2023. The Symposium was held in person for the first time since 2019. Stanford neurology residents and fellows were involved in 4 of the 40 projects. Two projects led by neurology residents were recognized with Top 10 awards. One of the award-winning projects focused on using a data-driven tool to analyze inpatient volume trends, while the other focused on disseminating evidence-based treatment guidelines for patients with migraine. Dr. Laurice Yang served as a Chief Judge and Dr. Carl Gold served as a Judge. Additional details about the Symposium can be found here.

CSF Cytology Volume and Diagnostic Yield
José Eduardo Lima, MD, Kyle Lyman, MD, David Hartmann, MD, PhD, Will McKeen, MD, Prateek Thatikunta, MD, Brian Scott, MD

Developing and Using a Data-Driven Tool to Analyze Inpatient Volume Trends and Optimize Staffing Structures for Neurology Services at Stanford Health Care
Mark Keroles, MD

Disseminating Evidence-Based Migraine Treatment
Tess Veuthey, MD, Martavius Lovall, MD, Mark Keroles, MD, Richard Baron, MD, Addie Peretz, MD

Revisiting Involuntary Hold
José Eduardo Lima, MD, Tess Veuthey, MD