Stanford Resident/Fellow Quality Improvement & Patient Safety Symposium

The sixth annual Stanford Resident/Fellow Quality Improvement & Patient Safety Symposium was held virtually on May 18, 2020 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Stanford neurology residents and fellows were involved in 13 of the 46 projects. Three projects led by neurology residents were recognized with Top 10 awards. The award-winning projects included a workflow redesign for safely transferring patients out of the Neurocritical Care unit, an analysis of the implemention of teleneurology, and a critical evaluation of a national inpatient neurology quality measure. A neurosurgery-led project that included a neurology resident also won a Multidisciplinary award. Additional details can be found here.

A Novel Goals of Care Communication Curriculum for Neurology Residents Improves Confidence and Skills
Tarini Goyal, MD, Sylvia Bereknyei Merrell, DrPH, Barbette Weimer-Elder, PhD, RN, Merisa Kline, MHA, Carl A. Gold, MD, MS

Analyzing Impact of an Institutional Protocol for MRI in Patients with Legacy Cardiac Rhythm Devices
Collin J. Culbertson MD, Laurel Jakubowski MD, Jingjing Chen MD MBA, Max Wintermark MD, Paul Wang MD, Angela Tsiperfal MS RN ACNP CNS, Rosalie Geronimo DNP RN NEA-BC CNL, Teresa Nelson, Connie Lund, Carl A. Gold MD MS

Decreasing ED Visits for Breakthrough Seizures in Patients Established with the Epilepsy Clinic
Erica Von Stein MD, Aditya Joshi MD, Katherine Werbaneth MD, Dominic Hovsepian MD,
Laurice Yang MD MHA

Evaluation of seizure risk in neonates after cardiopulmonary bypass in the absence of deep hypothermic cardiac arrest
Rebecca Levy MD PhD, Elizabeth Mayne MD PhD, Amanda G Sandoval Karamian MD, Mehreen Iqbal MD, Natasha Purington MD, Rajani Kaimal MD, Kathleen Ryan MD, Courtney Wusthoff MD

Implementation and Evaluation of Neurology Residency Program Changes on Well-being During COVID-19 Pandemic
Sara Pavitt MD, Jingjing (Jenny) Chen MD MBA, Shefali Dujari MD, Rebecca Miller-Kuhlmann MD, Nirali Vora MD

Improving Bedside Care and Cognitive Assessment of Adult Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU) Patients
Wendy Chen MD, Victoria Liu MD, Kimford Meador MD, Scheherazade Le MD

Improving provider-nursing communication on an inpatient neurosurgery unit
Leean Rodolfich MSN RN, Thomas Wilson MD, Josh Dodson RN, Jesus Navoa PA, Corrine Petrushonis RN-BC, Sammita Satyanarayan MD, Angel Shew MPH, Aaron Sy MS

Improving the efficiency and safety of Neuro-ICU to floor patient transfers
Anna Janas MD PhD, Angie Murkins NP, Lili Velickovic Ostojic MD, Christina Mijalski MD, Zachary Threlkeld MD

Increasing New Patient Access to Neurology Clinics using Patient-Initiated Late Cancellations
Tarini Goyal MD, Chitra Venkatasubramanian MD, Neelam Goyal MD, Nina Bozinov MD, Nick Quiroz, Maram Mohamed, Suzanne Pritchard, Cessa Heinzmann

Measuring the Quality of a Quality Measure
Shefali Dujari MD, Santosh Gummidipundi MS, Zihuai He PhD, Carl A. Gold MD MS

Methods to address challenges in implementing teleneurology during COVID-19​
Jessica Ng MD, Monica Liu BS, Hilary Wang MD MBA, Sammita Satyanarayan MD, Jingjing (Jenny) Chen MD MBA, Laurice Yang MD MHA

Streamlining ICU care for ALS patients receiving tracheostomy and gastrostomy
Connie Wu MD, Nick M Murray MD, Eric Bernier RN Christine Wachira DNP, RN, MPA, NE-BC, Francesca Heinzmann BS, Leslie Bennett RN, Neelam Goyal MD, Michelle Cao DO, Karen Hirsch MD, Zachary Threlkeld MD

Ultrasound Training for Lumbar Puncture in Neurology
Eric Rider MD, Sarada Sakamuri MD