Program in Cancer Neuroscience at Stanford

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Cancer Neuroscience Seminar Series

July 12th Frank Winkler, Heidelberg University

Aug 16th Ben Deneen, Baylor College of Medicine

Nov 15th Shawn Hervey-Jumper, UCSF

Brain Tumor Research Seminar Series for 2023

February 27: Frederick Varn (The Jackson Laboratory)
Dissecting tumor‐microenvironment interactions and their role in the evolution of diffuse glioma

April 24: Roel Verhaak (Yale University)
Dissecting response to treatment in adult patients with a glioma

September 25: Viviane Tabar (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center)
Harnessing pluripotent stem cells to model gliomas and tumor microenvironment

November 27: Pedro Lowenstein (Univ. of Michigan)

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