Stanford Comprehensive Epilepsy Program Adult Fellowship

An exceptional candidate may be considered for a second year of epilepsy fellowship training starting in July 2023, ACGME accredited through the CNP pathway.  

Funding is available to add an 8th adult epilepsy fellow for 2023-24. An ideal candidate will have completed broad training in a 1-year accredited epilepsy fellowship program, and desire additional expertise in understanding nuances in the diagnosis of epilepsy and EEG interpretation, including additional experience in intracranial recordings, RNS and DBS systems, HD EEG and source analysis and emerging therapies and technologies. Scholarship and participation in a research project are expected, as well as participation in surgical case and didactic conferences. The position includes rotations as subattending on the epilepsy monitoring unit and long-term monitoring services. In addition to participation in management decisions, special emphasis is placed on assisting junior fellows in planning and interpreting sEEG, mapping studies and challenging long term EEG.  

We aim to participate in an NRMP match for all epilepsy-accredited first year fellowship positions in 2024 using ERAS. Please see

All fellows accepted through the NRMP match for epilepsy will be eligible for a second-year training pathway as mutually desired. Admission to the program exclusively for one year of CNP-EEG training is not routinely offered; this and other second year fellowship positions will not be offered separately through the match process. Direct inquiries about CNP-EEG fellowships are only considered on a time frame of when such positions may become unreserved, ~6-11 months in advance, should current fellows choose a non-accredited second year.