Stanford Comprehensive Epilepsy Program Adult Fellowship

Clinical fellowship positions for 2023 are full. Exceptional candidates may inquire if program expansion is possible.

We aim to participate in an NRMP match for all epilepsy-accredited first year fellowship positions in 2024 using ERAS. Please check for timelines and updates. Inquiries are welcome until program match agreements are finalized.

All fellows accepted through the NRMP match for epilepsy will be eligible for a second-year training pathway as mutually desired. Admission to the program exclusively for one year of CNP-EEG training is not routinely offered; this and other second year fellowship positions are not offered separately through the match process. Direct inquiries about CNP-EEG fellowships are only considered on a time frame of when such positions may become unreserved, ~6-11 months in advance, should current fellows choose a non-accredited second year.