Stanford Neuro-Immuno-Oncology Program

Program Overview

Cancer cellular therapy is emerging as a promising treatment for aggressive cancers of the central nervous system (CNS). The Neuro-Immuno-Oncology (NIO) Program engages clinicians and scientists across Stanford’s pediatric and adult hospitals to provide specialized, comprehensive clinical care to children and adults receiving CAR T cell therapy for CNS cancers and patients with other forms of cancer experiencing neurological complications of immunotherapies. Members of the clinical team with expertise in neurology, oncology, neuro-oncology, neurocritical care, neurosurgery, neurohospitalist medicine, and psycho-oncology work closely to care for patients. Together with teams studying cutting edge neuroscience, manufacturing cell and gene therapies, and conducting correlative science, the Neuro-Immuno-Oncology Program works in collaboration with the Stanford Center for Cancer Cell Therapy to advance the clinical application and scientific understanding of immuno-oncological therapies for CNS malignancies.   

The NIO program sponsors an innovative fellowship training opportunity to advance training and development of clinical skills in neuro-immuno-oncology.

Center for Cancer Cell Therapy

Delivering lifesaving therapies to cancer patients

Stanford Health Care

Our cancer cell therapy program delivers pioneering expertise in treating brain and spinal cord cancers in adults

Stanford Children's Health

Our pediatric neuro-immuno-oncology team specializes in using CAR T-cell therapy to treat brain and spinal cord cancers in infants, children, & adolescents