Team-Based Training Courses in Improvement Skills

Stanford Medicine offers two in-depth training courses for faculty, trainees, and staff wishing to learn more about improvement work. The Clinical Effectiveness Leadership Training (CELT) program and the Realizing Improvement Through Team Empowerment (RITE) courses are each offered twice per year. Multidisciplinary teams apply with a problem in their practice area that they are passionate about making better for patients and families.

Both CELT and RITE train learners to use Lean methodology to make local improvements in practice. This standardized approach includes:

  • Clearly stating a problem statement
  • Explaining the background that makes others feel the pain of the problem
  • Setting a specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timebound goal
  • Measuring the current state
  • Analysis the contributors to the problem
  • Identifying the key drivers that if addressed would improve the current state
  • Linking interventions to those key drivers
  • Establishing a plan to sustain improvement


Most CELT or RITE projects emerge from the Improvement Capability Development Program annual project proposals. Neurology faculty members, trainees, and staff interested in learning more about CELT or RITE may contact Carl Gold or Laurice Yang.

Neurology CELT & RITE teams

CELT team led by Dr. Chitra Venkatasubramanian focused on improving patient access by filling unexpectedly open appointment slots.