The Stanford Neuropsychology Service provides outpatient neuropsychological evaluations for patients who are experiencing changes in their cognitive functioning. We provide detailed assessment of strengths and weaknesses across multiple domains including learning and memory, attention, reasoning, executive functioning, language, spatial abilities, and mood. Results from this evaluation can help identify causes of cognitive changes, provide cognitive diagnoses, and provide treatment and behavioral recommendations. We also provide pre-surgical evaluations to assist neurosurgical teams in treatment decisions and establishing pre-surgical baselines.

Our neuropsychologists have specialized expertise in assessing cognitive changes in individuals with a wide range of neurological conditions. These include traumatic brain injury, concussion, brain tumors, encephalitis, memory disorders, stroke, epilepsy, movement disorders, and multiple sclerosis.

We accept referrals from Stanford providers, and we are part of several multidisciplinary teams that includes neurologists, psychiatrists, primary care physicians, and speech and language therapists.

Neuropsychology Clinic