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Clinical Trials

Central Neuroscience Trials Group

Our Central Neuroscience Trials Group provides professional clinical trial staff for Investigators from both Neurology and Neurosurgery Departments, including the divisions of NeuroImmunology, Headache, Autonomic Disorders, Epilepsy, Memory disorders, and Neuroradiology. Our team supports over 100 observational and interventional, industry sponsored, and investigator-initiated projects. Our goal is to facilitate the timely, safe, and successful implementation of Neuroscience clinical research.

Neuromuscular Clinical Research Group

The Neuromuscular Research Team includes 9 Neurologists, 3 Nurse Practitioners, 3 Clinical Evaluators (Physical Therapists), a Research Administrative Associate, a Research Administrator, a Clinical Research Manager, 14 Clinical Research Coordinators, 4 Assistant Clinical Research Coordinators, a Data Analyst, a Research Scientist, a Life Science Research Professional, and a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow. Our team is involved in both adult and pediatric research. We have about 60-70 research projects at any given time including industry-sponsored clinical trials, observational studies, investigator-initiated studies, and lab-based research projects. Our goal is the translation of research findings into new and more effective clinical interventions to control or cure neuromuscular diseases.

Stroke and Neurocritical Care Clinical Research Group

The Divisions of Vascular Neurology and Neurocritical Care conduct a wide range of patient-centered research trials investigating the complex mechanisms of ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke injury, treatment, diagnosis and recovery.  The Clinical Research Team consists of a Clinical Research Manager, 9 clinical research coordinators, a regulatory coordinator, data scientist and a data analyst supporting a variety of grant funded as well as industry and donor-sponsored research.  In addition, the Divisions have a dedicated Brain Imaging Core Lab with over 17 years of experience of image processing as well as organization and storage of thousands of large imaging files.

Neuro-Oncology Clinical Research Group

The Neuro-Oncology Research Group supports 9 Investigators (4 neuro-oncologists, 3 neurosurgeons and 2 radiation therapists). It is integrated into the Stanford Cancer Center’s Clinical Trials Office and works primarily in the Cancer Center Clinics.  There are 7 research coordinators, a regulatory specialist and an operations manager that support observational, interventional, industry sponsored, and investigator-initiated projects, currently numbering 26 total. The Group’s goals are to ensure, timely, safe, and successful implementation of neuro-oncology clinical research.

Pediatric Clinical Research Group

The division of child neurology maintains a broad clinical research portfolio which typically includes 15-20 active studies in pediatric epilepsy, neurogenetics, pediatric stroke, leukodystrophies, and neonatal neurology. Our research team includes a full time clinical research manager, data analyst, research administrative associate, and three full time clinical research coordinators.