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Residents, Leadership, and Alumni facts

Neal Amin, MD, PhD
Research Track

Undergraduate:  Columbia College, Columbia University
Graduate:  Salk Institute for Biological Studies, UCSD
Medical School:  University of California, San Diego

"My interest in the brain first developed as an undergraduate studying the structure-function relationship of synaptic proteins implicated in autism.  From New York City, I joined the MD/PhD program in San Diego to experience west coast living and to dive into the expansive neuroscience research community on the "La Jolla Mesa".   At the Salk, I was interested in how populations of related neurons develop their unique functional and transcriptional identities.  My graduate work uncovered a surprisingly fundamental role for a particular small RNA in this process.  I chose the Stanford Research-Track Residency Program for the beautiful locale (with easy access to skiing, biking, city-life, etc.), the world-class neuroscience community, and the impressive resources, support, and opportunities for academic independence during residency training."

Timothy Ando, MD

Undergraduate:  University of California, Los Angeles
Medical School:  University of Iowa, Carver College of Medicine

"Stanford appealed to me for many reasons, including the breadth of opportunities at a world class institution, flexible scholarly concentration time to pursue unique academic interests, numerous available fellowships, and proximity to my hometown of San Francisco. What struck me most, however, was the warmth and enthusiasm I felt during my interview day. The residents and faculty were among the happiest and kindest I met on the interview trail, and their collective passion for psychiatry was evident in every interaction. I feel extremely fortunate to be a part of the Stanford family, and I couldn't be happier with my decision!"

Mamatha Challa, MD

Undergraduate:  Washington University, St. Louis
Medical School:  University of Illinois

"My interests in psychiatry include LGBTQ mental health, child & adolescent psychiatry, public psychiatry, and medical education. I could not be happier with my choice to train at Stanford – the community here is so incredibly warm and supportive, the resources are immense, the training is world-class, and the flexibility in our curriculum is unparalleled. No matter what your interest is, you can find the time, support, and mentorship to pursue it to your heart's content. My colleagues are some of the kindest, most fun and passionate individuals I have ever met, and I am so lucky call this program home. In my spare time, I love hanging out with my co-residents, exploring Bay Area dining and night life, and binging shows on Netflix."

Matthew Edwards, MD

Undergraduate:  Princeton University
Medical School:  University of Texas Medical Branch

"Howdy! I am originally from Dallas, Texas, and received my undergraduate degree in sociology from Princeton University.  After college, I returned to Texas to attend medical school at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, where I was active in the Institute for Medical Humanities. I am interested in consult and liaison psychiatry, community psychiatry, medical humanities, health policy, and music. I was interested in Stanford because it offered a balanced training in psychiatry and psychotherapy, and an opportunity to pursue formal medical humanities work during my scholarly concentration time. Yet what attracted me most to Stanford was the strong sense of camaraderie among the faculty and residents. There is plenty of opportunity to enjoy the great weather, excellent food, and ample recreational opportunities the Bay Area offers."

Csilla Lippert, MD, PhD
Research Track

Undergraduate:  California Institute of Technology
Graduate:  University of California, San Diego
Medical School:  University of California, San Diego School of Medicine

"As a military brat (father a retired Marine), we frequently relocated before my parents settled in San Diego, and I remained nearby for my initial medical and graduate training. I am thrilled to have trekked up to Northern California, cultivating my interests in psychiatry and research at Stanford University. On the residency interview trail, I sought a flexible program that features a collaborative environment with dedicated residents, ample feedback from experienced mentors, a variety of clinical settings, and research time. Stanford has all that and much more! (What other program offers two months for PGY2’s to explore self-directed interests?) Stanford Psychiatry optimally matches my career plan of caring for patients, leading an NIH-funded psychiatry laboratory, and mentoring trainees at an academic center, while also offering opportunities and support in case I am inspired to pursue a different psychiatry career path during residency training. My current psychiatry interests are general adult psychiatry with a leaning towards psychosomatic medicine. Finally, I appreciate that the work-life balance at Stanford allows for adequate time to get together with co-residents outside of work and to actively help my husband raise our daughter."

Dexter Louie, MD

Undergraduate:  Harvard College
Medical School:  University of California, San Francisco

"A son of the Bay Area, I was reared on multiculturalism and sunshine. I escaped to see the East Coast when I attended Harvard for college, and ultimately returned with a degree in Social Studies, a post-bacc, and the tendency to cross streets very aggressively. I never thought I would become a psychiatrist. My time in the Americorps and at the UCSF School of Medicine, however, changed that forever. Helping people live meaningful lives is my passion, and in my opinion nowhere is this credo better aligned in medicine than in the field of Psychiatry. Stanford called to me because it helps me live out this mission like no other institution: Stanford is all about helping you become the best you can be. If you can dream it, you can probably do it in Palo Alto—whether in medicine, law, business, or tech. I dream of teaching, writing, public speaking, and maybe one day ending the Opioid Epidemic. It’s optimistic, but I can’t help it—I’m a Californian."

Ricardo Lozano, MD, MS

Undergraduate:  University of California, San Diego
Graduate:  University of California, San Diego
Medical School:  University of Iowa, Carver College of Medicine

"Growing up in a small farming town in the Central Valley helped me appreciate the importance of community; a sense of belonging to a group derived from our shared background. Years later, I’ve again found a community at Stanford. This community is made up of a compassionate, caring, and intelligent group of co-residents and faculty with a wide range of interests but also with a common goal: to help people with mental illness. Although I was impressed by Stanford’s academic reputation and its beautiful location, it was the warm and welcoming faculty and residents that convinced me it was where I belonged. My focus throughout undergrad and medical school has been to empower people in marginalized groups. Making mental healthcare more accessible to underserved communities and decreasing the stigma of mental health are two of my major interests (along with public and addiction psychiatry) that I will continue to explore with the resources available to me at Stanford. I am excited about the unique opportunity this program provides to develop a scholarly project that suits those interests that will hopefully make a lasting positive impact."

Iona Machado, MD

Undergraduate:  Cornell University
Medical School:  Columbia University

"Originally from the D.C. area, I spent much of my pre-residency days working in the government or abroad. I’ve enjoyed the relationship between culture on psychiatric illness, from its definition to its epidemiology to its management, and hope to be able to expand access and quality of psychiatric care globally while respecting societal norms. Stanford was one of the most highly versatile, well-funded, and internationally connected psychiatric programs I applied to, and therefore, perfectly suited towards my career goals. The support the department gives you to pursue not only your avenue of interest, but also you as a person, feels unmatched. I was delighted to feel immediately connected, comfortable, and supported by mentors and co-residents alike. Psychiatry aside, I spend much of my time traveling, learning languages, delving into the lives of others, and, most recently, trying to make sure the tennis ball makes it over the net."

Patricia Pop, MD

Undergraduate:  Tufts University
Medical School:  Columbia University

"I have been involved in various biopsychology labs since freshman year of college. My interests range from consult-liaison to psychodynamic psychiatry! I grew up on the gulf coast of Florida and after spending a decade learning how to love the Northeast, it was time for more sunshine. Coming to Stanford is a dream come true. After the interview day, I tried to downplay how impressed I felt (it was also my first interview!) but it stayed top of mind during the entire season. Stanford is a major leader in medical education technology and there is a culture of strong teaching. Apart from the scholarly concentration and research opportunities that are among the best available, most of all I wanted a program with the best personality fit for me. I wanted a program where residents and faculty are truly collegial towards each other, thrive, and complement their dedication to learning with wonderful senses of humor. I wanted a residency that prioritized learning over hierarchy so that a resident would feel comfortable and encouraged to ask questions, engage in intellectual conversation, and dive deep. The administration truly emphasizes resident wellness in tangible ways that translate into how our schedules are created. You're also immersed in year-round amazing weather in a beautiful town with a big city, mountains, and ocean always close by. I am so excited to be training here!"

Jason Tucciarone, MD, PhD
Research Track

Undergraduate:  Union College
Graduate:  Stony Brook University
Medical School:  Stony Brook University

"Training as a psychiatrist and neuroscientist, superb clinical training, world renowned neuroscience, flexibility and nurturing institutional support are program qualities I value deeply. Stanford combines each of these qualities with a positive, warm and welcoming environment that is truly familial. Plus, with the bonus of being anchored in the San Francisco Bay area and coded within Silicon Valley, there are ample opportunities to cultivate a groovy life outside of clinic or lab. The mind and behavior that emerges from its circuitry are cosmically complex. Stanford is fruitful ground with multidisciplinary teams of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, neuroscientists and engineers all dedicated to the common purpose of helping those afflicted with mental illness. There’s no better place I could be. I look forward to continuing our work with this diverse patient population and working hard to better understand mechanisms of psychiatric disorders and uncover innovative therapies."

Jackie Wang, MD

Undergraduate:  University of Michigan
Medical School:  University of Chicago, Pritzker School of Medicine

"I grew up in Michigan, went to Chicago for medical school, and am so excited to be living on the West Coast! My #1 priority while applying to residency was finding a program that offered strong clinical training and research opportunities, but that also valued resident wellness. It was clear from my interview day that Stanford would be a great fit for me! The culture here is incredibly supportive — from the program directors and faculty to my wonderful co-residents, people are always looking out for one another. Most of all, everyone is just so friendly! I was amazed by how quickly I felt at home here. I’m interested in LGBTQ mental health, psychiatric ethics, psychotherapy, and resident/med student wellness. Outside of work, I also enjoy rock climbing, hiking, biking, tennis, and eating all the delicious food that the Bay Area has to offer!"

Diana Willard, MD

Undergraduate:  Stanford University
Medical School:  University of Southern California, Keck School of Medicine

"My interests include child and adolescent psychiatry, medical education, and addiction psychiatry. After working as a middle school science teacher and as a preschool teacher, and spending a lot of time in medical school tutoring, teaching science and health curriculums to elementary students, and providing workshops on healthy relationships to teenage girls in juvenile hall, I knew I wanted a residency program that would allow me to continue to develop my skills and interest in teaching. I was drawn to Stanford for its great mixture of flexibility and enthusiasm for each person's unique interests -- not to mention the fantastic weather, the amazing Bay Area community, and the surrounding natural beauty (Yosemite, anyone??)!"