CNI-X Mini-Series: Jumpstarting The Future of Mental Wellbeing
with Dr. Laura Turner-Essel

March 2024

What better way to build a mentally healthy and thriving world than to offer young people access to some of the very best researchers and care providers in mental wellbeing as they prepare to transition into adulthood?  Stanford Psychiatry’s Clinical Neuroscience Immersion Experience (CNI-X) opens the minds of highschoolers to greater self-awareness, the fascinating workings of their brains, and an opportunity to see themselves in a position to join the mission of improving mental health as career professionals.

Learn more about this two-week summer immersion program, both in-person at Stanford and as a virtual experience, with CNI-X Program Manager, Dr. Laura Turner-Essel on this episode of What Makes Up Your Mind, then use the link below for application and financial assistance information for the thoughtful, curious teen in your life.

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