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Professional Training Opportunities

January 22-23, 2021
Summit on Adolescent Sleep and School Start Times: Setting the Research Agenda for California and Beyond

California law SB328 mandating middle and high school start times of 8:00am and 8:30am respectively or later for all public schools was passed into law in October 2019. This landmark decision will not only impact the lives of students, families and a variety of stakeholders in California, but will provide a benchmark for similar legislation across the US. The three-year implementation period also offers an unprecedented opportunity for sleep and circadian researchers from a wide variety of disciplines from both California and across the nation to assess the impact of start time change across a broad range of outcomes. Given this unique and timely challenge, it is imperative to open a dialogue among researchers to consider what are the most significant, worthy, and innovative research needs and unanswered questions. In other words, what do we already know about school start times with regard to sleep development, health, performance, risk behaviors, etc., and how can we best expand the science from those starting points? How do we encourage new and novel research and interdisciplinary approaches while simultaneously lending support to the complexities of implementing CA’s school start time legislation?

A-STEP, the Accredited Sleep Technologist Education Program

This program provides education and training to individuals whom are interested in becoming sleep technologists.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for psychosis (CBTp)

Training and ongoing consultation is available for agencies who want to train staff in formulation driven CBTp, CBTp informed skills, or a combination of the two approaches. Training modules can be tailored to the needs of the agency.