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Lifestyle & Sports Psychiatry

Our mission is to advance knowledge through research & education, create innovative & accessible resources and provide expert consultation & policy guidance on lifestyle behaviors for achieving mental and brain health among athletes and others seeking optimal performance, quality of life and wellbeing

Lifestyle psychiatry refers to the application of lifestyle medicine principles to support individuals in managing psychiatric disorders and cultivating brain health. Lifestyle psychiatry is closely linked to Sports Psychiatry, the practice of caring for athletes using traditional and lifestyle interventions to optimize performance and mental health.

Lifestyle psychiatry includes research on the impact of lifestyle behaviors on prevalence of psychiatric symptoms or disorders in general populations, the impact of naturalistic lifestyle behaviors on symptoms among people at risk for psychiatric disorders, the impact of lifestyle interventions on severity of symptoms among people with a psychiatric disorder, the neuroscience of brain response to lifestyle behaviors, and the science of lifestyle behavior change.

Lifestyle behaviors known to impact mental health:


diet and


mind-body practices



Lifestyle Psychiatry offers a unique opportunity for psychiatrists to lead society and health care organizations in promoting attention to the impact of lifestyle on health and disease. When clearly identified, the potential dual benefit of positive lifestyle changes for mental and physical health may enhance people’s motivation to live healthy lives.

Lifestyle interventions may be useful for primary prevention, first-line therapy, multimodal therapy, augmentation, precision therapy and relapse prevention among athletes, vulnerable populations and anyone interesting in optimizing their health. 

We aim to be world leaders in consultation and policy guidance to healthcare systems, governments, sports organizations, corporations, and medical professionals on brain health and quality of life.


Clinical Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Clinical Assistant Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Jonathan Burgess
Clinical Assistant Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences


David Baron, DO, MSEd
Professor of Psychiatry, Western University of Health Sciences

News and Resources

  • APA

    Lifestyle Psychiatry

    This book examines the impact of lifestyle interventions—from exercise, yoga, and tai chi to mindfulness and meditation, diet and nutrition, and sleep management—on psychiatric disorders, including depression, anxiety, posttraumatic stress disorder, schizophrenia, and addiction. Readers can readily find data to support the use of specific lifestyle interventions for a patient presenting with a specific disorder.

  • SpringerLink

    Sport and Mental Health

    This book covers both sport-related mental health problems and sport and exercise in clinical psychiatry. It was edited by David Baron, Thomas Wenzel, Andreas Ströhle, and Todd Stull. Dr. Douglas Noordsy co-authored Chapter 15: Psychosis in Sports.

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    The Culinary Medicine Textbook: Psychiatry, Food & Mood

    Psychiatry, Food and Mood is a specialized book in the Culinary Medicine Textbook series, co-authored by Dr. Jonathan Burgess. It summarizes the best diet for psychological health and lays out the culinary competencies that one needs to know to be able to cook and shop for a mental health-friendly diet.