Child and Adolescent Mental Health ECHO for Native American Youth

Session Topics and Materials

General Clinicians / Primary Care Track

1-13-2022 Session Topic: Early Identification and Culturally Responsive Intervention for Native Youth at Risk of or With Early Psychosis Symptoms

2-10-2022 Session Topic:
Recognizing and Responding to Adversity and Toxic Stress Among Native Children and Youth

3-10-2022 Session Topic: Healthcare Professional Wellness and Resilience

4-14-2022 Session Topic: ADHD Treatment in Native American Youth

School Mental Health Track

1-27-2022 Session Topic:
Creating Culturally Aware
Practices in

2-24-2022 Session Topic: Navigating and responding to substance use issues in the school setting, with a special focus on cannabis

3-24-2022 Session Topic: Strategies for improving outreach and building engagement with Native students to expand behavioral health support

4-28-2022 Session Topic: Addressing Informed Consent / Confidentiality issues and HIPAA-FERPA in school mental health