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Working through Paranoia and
Making Sense of Unusual Beliefs

with Peter Bullimore and Kate Crawford


(will be rescheduled to a later date)

Workshop Content

This one-day workshop will support participants to better understand the experience of paranoia and unusual beliefs. It will include discussion of what may underlie these experiences, as well as support strategies and techniques. Workshop content will include:

  • The History of Paranoia
  • What does Paranoia mean to you?
  • The role of fear in Paranoia
  • Identifying the links between trauma and belief systems?
  • The three stages of Paranoia
  • Using the three stages (Case studies)
  • Triggers & Warning signs
  • Working with unusual beliefs
  • Decoding beliefs
  • Understanding body state information that can trigger paranoia
  • Case studies
  • Personal experience of recovery

Course Objectives

On completion of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Take a critical and thoughtful perspective on traditional ways of understanding paranoia & unusual beliefs
  • Understand the potential pitfalls of the claims made from other therapies
  • Take a respectful and ethical approach to the experience of paranoia & unusual beliefs
  • Understand the potential connection between trauma and the experience
  • Develop new ways of talking to and working with those that have these experiences