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Media & Mental Health Initiative (MMHI)

We believe all forms of media have the power to make a transformational impact on mental health when used in ethical and developmentally appropriate ways. This initiative aims to understand and improve the impact of media on mental health through youth-led projects, partnerships and collaboration, media engagement, training, and research.

Project Goals


  1. Increase normalization of the prevalence of mental health conditions in reporting
  2. Increase reporting that emphasizes stories of help-seeking and recovery.  
  3. Support the reduction of copycat suicides through increased adherence to safe reporting guidelines

Social Media

  1. Contribute to development of a multi-disciplinary ethical framework prioritizing wellbeing
  2. Contribute to enhancing technology’s promotion of connection, education, creativity and help-seeking
  3. Contribute to minimizing adverse effects of technology use, particularly on youth


  1. Normalize and de-stigmatize mental illness, help-seeking and recovery in stories and productions
  2. Help reduce copycat suicides by increasing stories of mental illness that adhere to guidelines and minimize the appeal of unhealthy behaviors.

Learn about the MMHI team and explore our tools, resources, youth-led projects, and more!

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