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2nd Annual Native Youth Mental Health and Wellness Conference

September 15-18, 2020

Speakers & Conference Information


James Ramos
California Assembly Member

Dr. Kishan Lara-Cooper
Associate Professor & Chair Child Development, HSU

Frank Waln
Award Winning Lakota Hip Hop Artist
(Sicangu Lakota)

Notah Begay III
Four-time PGA Tour winner
(Pueblos of San Felipe & Isleta/Diné)

Topics Include

Positive Youth Development, identity development, culture based youth programming, stress management.


Share information and highlight programs that may assist with youth mental health, resiliency, and support, including school mental health and other programs. 

Who Can Attend

Open to the public but of particular interest to Native youth and Native youth mental health program providers and administrators.

Please Note: There are two registration options below; one specifically for youth and one specifically for administrators/providers.

Conference Agenda