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Wellbeing and Self-Care

Our mission to improve the health of individuals, communities, and populations begins with improvement of our own health. With every choice we make to contribute to our own wellbeing, we invest in our own capacity for sustainable contribution to each of our five missions. With every endeavor we engage in collectively to support the wellbeing of our colleagues and team-members, we invest in our collective capacity that multiplies our contributions to our patients, our community, and the world. Wellbeing adds inspiration and creativity to the advancement of science, meaning and purpose to clinical innovation and service, and enduring integrity to educational excellence. With unwavering commitment to our own wellbeing and the wellbeing of those we love and those work with, we create a compelling pattern for others to emulate in our community engagement efforts.

Only with sustained commitment to wellbeing might we rise to the height of opportunity for professionalism and leadership capable of inspiring others to play full part in preventing and relieving suffering, and solving societal problems that vex humanity.