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Dolores Gallagher-Thompson & Larry Wolford Thompson
Caregiver Research and Practice Fund

Seed grants in the field of caregiver research and practice.

Funded Projects by Year

In early 2024, we announceed a new request for proposals to support seed grants in the field of caregiver research and practice. The funded projects are intended to increase our understanding of the mental health needs of family caregivers of adults with chronic mental illness, substance use disorders, and/or physical illness. Specifically, we want to learn the stressors experienced by caregivers, and how this kind of caregiving affects the caregivers’ mental health so that appropriate interventions can be developed to reduce this stress and improve caregivers’ quality of life.

  • Investigating the impact of a caregiver-focused DBT intervention on relationship quality and functioning
    Co-PIs: Kayla Jiminez, PsyD and Connor Adams, PsyD

  • Elucidating the Neural Hallmarks of PTSD Caregiver Anxiety with Portable fNIRS Neuroimaging
    PI: Stephanie Balters, PhD Mentors: Allan Reiss, MD; Debra Kaysen, PhD; Mykel K. Kochenderfer, PhD

  • Sleep Treatment Needs of Caregiving Family Members for Adults with Serious Mental Illness: A Pilot Study
    PI: Nicole Gumport, PhD Mentor: Rachel Manber, PhD

Steering Committee

  • Ranak Trivedi, PhD, FSBM, Steering Committee Chair
  • Heather Gotham, PhD, Steering Committee Member
  • Christine Gould, PhD, Steering Committee Member
  • Debra Kaysen, PhD, Steering Committee Member
  • Dolores Gallagher Thompson, PhD, ABPP, Emeritus Consultant