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Trailblazing Trainee Award Program

Supplementing existing opportunities for trainees in our department to pursue their personal research, scholarly, and professional development interests while reinforcing the department’s commitment to our five missions.

Funded Projects by Year

In the summer of 2020, we invited applications for the inaugural Trainee Innovator Award Program. Proposals were evaluated according to the clarity and feasibility of goals, alignment with departmental mission commitments and priority areas, quality of the project proposed, and representation from different trainee areas within the Department.

  • Janet Baek, MD (Fellow in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences)
    Yoga Practices for Mental Health Promotion in Community and Clinical Settings
  • Melissa Beattie, MD (Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellow)
    The Importance of Systemic Formulation and Cultural Humility for Child Trainees: Developing a Family Therapy Training Institute
  • Ilang Guiroy, MD (Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellow)
    Developing a Novel Digital Group Psychotherapy Intervention for Postpartum Depression to Increase Access to Care to Target Infant Mental Health Outcomes
  • Renske Lok, PhD (Postdoctoral Scholar, Psychiatry)
    Precision mental health: investigating the role of wearable tech
  • Rebecca Nkrumah, MD (Psychiatry Resident)
    Going Back to Our Roots: A Therapy Space for Us by Us
  • Tyler Prestwood, MD, PhD (Psychiatry Resident)
    Assessing the prevalence of autoantibodies against G protein-coupled receptors in post-COVID POTS
  • Bailey Shoenberger, MS (Doctoral Candidate, PGSP-Stanford PsyD Consortium)
    Impact of Lifetime Sexual Assault and Internalized Heterosexism on Body Image among Sexual Minority Women

For general inquiries about this program,
please contact Kyle McKinley, Program Manager, at kylemck@stanford.edu