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Stanford Mental Health Innovation Challenge:
Empowering youth to shape the future of mental health


The June 2017 Stanford Mental Health Innovation Challenge, a two-day event for incoming tenth, eleventh and twelfth graders, brought together approximately 90 teens from more than 20 different high schools throughout San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. The “hackathon-style” design sprint was aimed at deepening participants’ understanding of the mental health challenges that affect San Mateo and Santa Clara counties while developing innovative ideas to tackle these issues.

Videos of the winning projects

Redefining Mental Health as a Public Health Priority

Team Hippocampus, Grand Prize and winner of challenge prompt #5

Increasing Access to Confidential, Affordable Mental Health Services

Team White Seals, Winner of challenge prompt #1

Use of Media in Mental Health Stigma Reduction

Team Kahuna, Winner of challenge prompt #2

Defining and Normalizing Mental Health as a Core Aspect of Life

Team Dream Team, Winner of challenge prompt #3

Using Peer Influence Positively to Impact Mental Health

Team Mind Masters, Winner of challenge prompt #4