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Adolescent Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Adolescents who hurt themselves often experience very strong and painful negative emotions, such as depression, anger, and anxiety. Because these emotions can be so hard to bear, people may engage in suicidal and self-harm behaviors as a way to make the painful feelings stop. Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) helps people stop hurting themselves by teaching them safe and positive ways to cope with their negative emotions. DBT with adolescents includes parents in the treatment process. Adolescent DBT is for ages 12-18 (living at home and attending middle or high school).

For Adult services, please see our Dialectical Behavior Therapy Adult Program.

This Program Provides

  • Individual therapy
  • Multifamily skills group
  • Telephone coaching
  • Consultation team meeting for therapists

Clinic Director

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavior Sciences (Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Child Development)

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For more information, please see this Stanford Children's Health story about the RISE program.