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Health Narratives at Stanford:
Pegasus Physician Writers

Who we are

Health Narratives at Stanford is a medical humanities organization that supports writers, artists & creators at the intersection of medicine and storytelling. Through close collaboration with the Stanford School of Medicine’s Medical Humanities & the Arts (Medicine and the Muse Program) our affiliated faculty is comprised of multidisciplinary authors and creators including Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalists, best-selling authors, Pulitzer finalists, investigative podcast writers, and narrative game designers.

The group has published almost 100 books over the past 10 years. Members write poetry, fiction, nonfiction, journalism, and educational texts for the public with the intent to broaden public understanding of the science and art of medicine.

Our creators have been featured on a wide variety of social platforms and members have published regularly in medical humanistic journals, such as The Intima, A Journal of Narrative Medicine Arts Medica, as well as medical specialty journals, such as JAMA and Academic Psychiatry.

Our Mission

  • To cultivate and promote medicine’s unheard & emerging voices.
  • To promote collaboration, education, and creative expression in medical humanities.
  • To elucidate through narrative mediums the interface between healthcare, illness, and the arts.
  • To return stories to the heart of medicine.

Program and Initiatives

The Oxford Review of Books (ORB) x Stanford Collaboration

The Oxford Review of Books (ORB), the eminent student-driven thought leadership publication, has established a groundbreaking association with Stanford University, expanding its global footprint. This partnership heralds a new era for ORB, with publications occurring thrice annually on both sides of the Atlantic. The ORB will not only be accessible in Oxford and across the UK but will also extend its presence to Stanford and Silicon Valley.

A special feature of this collaboration is the introduction of the ORB x Stanford section, a four-page segment thoughtfully curated by Stanford students and associates. This section will be complemented by art that echoes the pioneering artistic expression and thought leadership that has been synonymous with the Oxford Review of Books since its inception.

Originally founded by Oxford undergraduate and postgraduate students in 2017, the ORB swiftly gained recognition and was acquired by Darius Sanai, an Oxford alumnus and owner of LUX Global Media, in 2018. Known for its in-depth longform articles on culture and society, the ORB also boasts a collection of original artworks that enrich its pages.

Stanford Medical Humanities & Arts Founding Editorial Team

Dr. Bryant Lin, Dr. Malathi Srinivasan, Dr. Laurel Braitman, Lauren Toomer as Art Director, Chloe Sales, and Dr. Jennifer Pien

Pegasus Physician Writers & The St. Lawrence String Quartet Collaboration

The collaboration between the Saint Lawrence String Quartet and the Pegasus Physician Writers is a celebration of music, poetry, and medicine, bringing together the artistry of classical music and the healing narratives of healthcare professionals.


Pegasus Physician Writers & The St. Lawrence String Quartet
Wednesday, November 8, 2023
7pm to 8:30pm PT

More Information

Pegasus and the Stanford Archaeology Collection Collaboration

Pegasus invites its community to close observation sessions in collaboration with Dr. Danielle Raad, Curator and Assistant Director of the Stanford University Archeology Collections.

This is an ongoing series of opportunities to view the archeology collection with Dr. Raad, who will lead members through slow-looking sessions to deepen observational skills.

In her own words: I believe slow-looking sessions with objects can be used in a variety of ways, including developing empathy, habits of mind like patience, skills like close observation and deductive reasoning, cultural sensitivity, or even just building community amongst the people engaged in the looking and discussion process together.

Student Initiatives

Oasis is a student-led writing collective for students. This collective aims to provide a safe and sustained community for student writers and is open to applications from new and current Pegasus student members.

Diversity in Literature Fund: This initiative aims to promote diversity and inclusivity in literature by supporting the creation and distribution of creative writing endeavors that represent an inclusive range of voices and experiences.

Marginalized Voices in Literature Workshop Series: This series of workshops is designed to center and empower marginalized voices within the literary community, providing a workshop environment to examine prose from underrepresented writers as well as provide a space for students to produce and share their writing. This workshop will be open to students from underrepresented backgrounds but also those who do not identify as such but are interested in learning.

Irvin D. Yalom Literary Award

The Irvin D. Yalom Literary Awards pay tribute to the pioneering work of Dr. Irvin D. Yalom, MD, who skillfully integrated humanistic and scientific perspectives into the fields of psychiatry and medicine. This competition provides a unique platform for expression and reflection, welcoming entries from undergraduate and medical students, house staff, and fellows.

The Pegasus Review
a literary medical journal of narrative medicine

The Pegasus Review serves as a unique platform for the intersection of medicine and storytelling. It is a repository for profound narratives, reflective essays, and creative works that offer an intimate window into the world of healthcare, illness, and the human condition. Rooted in the concept of narrative medicine, this journal acknowledges the therapeutic and enlightening potential of storytelling in the realm of healthcare. It recognizes that narratives not only shape our understanding of medical experiences but also foster empathy, connection, and deeper insight into the diverse stories that unfold within the healthcare system.

In The Pegasus Review, we explore the fascinating blend of medical expertise and literary creativity, offering a space for medical professionals, patients, and writers to share their journeys and insights. Each piece within these pages brings to life the nuanced tapestry of the human experience within the context of healthcare. Join us as we dive into a world where words heal, connect, and enlighten, in the grand tradition of narrative medicine.

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Literary Agency & Publishing House Collaborations

Our Academic Faculty

Associate Director
Adjunct Professor

Sample Publications

By the authors who are affiliated with Pegasus

We also host a variety of events and collaborate throughout each year, including Stanford Bookstore Readings, 
Pegasus Writer Workshops, and Readings, Symposiums & Seminars.