Resources for Division Administrators

Listed below are the departmental requirements that will allow our team to conduct the academic review process and submit files to OAA in a timely manner.

Clinician Educators and Instructors
  •  Inform your Pediatrics Academic Affairs contact (Shumi, Sarah, Abhi, Mary, Meenal, Mollie) of appointments/reappointments/promotions 6 months prior to the effective date/start date of the action by submitting an appointment or reappointment/promotion request form (links below). We will obtain confirmation from Dr. Leonard and Dr. Sibley of their approval on the hire and rank, and then launch the academic review process by contacting the faculty member/candidate.
  • All financials (draft offer letter, PAF, business plan if applicable) must be submitted to Surabhi 4 months prior to the effective date of the action. Please continue to cc your academic affairs contact(s) in your financial submission.
Clinical Scholars
  • Inform your Pediatrics Academic Affairs contact 6 months prior to the effective date of the action.
Visiting academic appointments (Visiting Faculty, Visiting Scholars, Visiting Instructors, Visiting Postdoctoral Scholars)
  • Inform your Pediatrics Academic Affairs contact and Margaret Murphy (if visa required) for appointments/reappointments 6 months prior to the effective date/start date of the action. If a visa is not required, inform Academic Affairs 4 months prior to the effective date. For new appointments, please include current CV, brief description of duties, and dates of visit. Please confirm Division Chief approval of the visitor prior to your request to the Pediatrics Academic Affairs team.
Sabbatical and Professional Development Leave (PDL) 
  • Division Director/Administrator/Faculty can complete the request form in MedLeave a minimum of 75 days prior to the effective date of the sabbatical/PDL.
  • The Division Director/Administrator must submit the Faculty Departure Notification & Data Security Attestation Form at least 4 weeks before departure. This form accessible through this link, can also be used for uploading the resignation letter. The resignation letter should contain the end date and reason for leaving, signed by the faculty member or sent to the Division Chief via email. The data attestation is now integrated into the form and does not require a separate document submission..
FTE changes
  • Submit offer letter addendum and PAF to Surabhi and Academic Affairs contact 60 days prior to effective date.

The timelines set by OAA are firm deadlines and our office has established the protocols above to accommodate these deadlines and submit files on time. Please note timely communication and financial submissions from the Divisions will be essential in meeting these strict deadlines.  Late offer letter/PAF submissions will cause a delay in start dates/effective dates.