PIPS Student Testimonials

  • 100% of students would recommend the PIPS program to other students interested in science and medicine
  • 100% of PIPS alumni are enrolled in a 4-year college or university and planning to pursue a science or medicine career


What was the most impactful part of the PIPS program?

  • “Being able to hear and be around people who sort of come from the same background as I do and being able to share similar goals/interests.”

  • “Getting to see people from similar backgrounds to mine pursuing a successful career in medicine.”

  • "As a first-generation student, I felt so unprepared and behind my other peers. However, after these PIPS sessions, I feel MUCH less worried about college applications and feel like I can accomplish so much more than I initially thought. I also feel more secure and open to talking to strangers. Overall, this program gave me an opportunity to explore my passion for science even more and achieve some personal growth. "

  • The most impactful part was getting to meet such talented and gifted peers. I really saw the dedication that a lot of my fellow interns had, and that was just so motivating and encouraging.”

What did you enjoy about the Research Experience

  • "Overall, I got to learn a lot more about HOW to do research and WHY it's so important. I felt like I was making a contribution to scientific advancement.”

  • “I enjoyed learning the different steps needed in order to narrow down your area of focus. Having the help and support from my lab mentors was really meaningful and helped me learn.”

  • “I really enjoyed getting to know my research team as they were so welcoming and taught me so much! I really enjoyed learning how research can not only progress science and the field of medicine, but can also have an impact on the greater community and those who may not have a voice.

What did you enjoy abou the Near Peer Mentor program?

  • “The best part of the near peer mentor program was getting to know the people in my group… Hearing about my near peer mentors' pathway and experiences made me feel like I could succeed in the science & medicine field.”

  • “My near peer mentors were very supportive of me and I could tell that they wanted to see me succeed. I felt like I had a place to talk about my experiences with my lab and receive feedback.”