Shawna McManus

Sr. Director
(650) 723-5344

Sarah Wright

Assistant Director

(920) 619-0985    

Abhi Singh


(508) 736-6673

Mollie Cavanagh-Harris

Senior Academic Affairs Specialist  


Solange Im

Faculty Affairs Assistant

Kristi Townsend

Associate Director of Faculty Recruitment
(650) 497-1873   

Shumi Khan

Associate Director

Mary Le Rivera


(650) 736-1943   

Meenal Narayan


(650) 498-5175  

Julia Tarverdi-Meza

Academic Affairs Assistant

Kate Vlascov

Faculty Affairs Specialist (628)758-8508

Hazel Lam

Faculty Search Coordinator
(650) 260-8077


David Maahs, MD, PhD is the Associate Chair of Academic Affairs

Role of the Associate Chair:

  • Assist Department Chair in the administration of the academic mission and policies of the Department, School, and University
  • Meet with Division Chiefs and Faculty to discuss appropriate timing and prospects of faculty actions
  • Review with the Chair the recommendations of the A&P Committee regarding actions
  • Assist the Chair in revising, as appropriate, departmental academic affairs policies and procedures