Eligibility & PI Waivers

The Stanford Research Policy Handbook (section 2.1) specifies the eligibility to serve as Principal Investigator (PI) on a sponsored project. Those without PI eligibility will need to obtain a PI waiver. This page includes PI waivers types and procedures for preparing PI waiver requests.  All PI waivers in the School of Medicine require review by your Research Process Manager (RPM, find your RPM) in the Research Management Group (RMG). 

How to request a PI Waiver

We recommend PI Waivers are submitted 4 weeks in advance of the proposal due date.

Please read these instructions as the process has been updated!

Steps for Requesting a PI Waiver in the Department of Pediatrics:

1. Identify the appropriate PI Waiver based on your eligibility (more below and here).

2. Download and complete the PI Waiver template *No need to obtain your Division Chief signature*

3. Compile the additional, required documents (listed in the PI waiver template) as a single PDF. These include:

  • Career Development PI waivers, assemble the following documents in a single PDF:
    • Completed but unsigned PI waiver
    • Applicant/PI's biosketch (this is the Applicant to the Career Development Award)
    • Program Announcement (for example, PDF of NIH's Funding Opportunity Announcement)
  • Clinical Education PI Waiver, assemble the following documents in a single PDF:
    • Completed but unsigned PI waiver
    • PI's biosketch
    • Program Announcement (for example, PDF of NIH's Funding Opportunity Announcement)
    • Scope of Work - Detailed description of aims of the study and the purpose of the study
    • For Data Use Agreements include within the Scope of Work a description of what data will be shared
    • If Stanford will be a subaward, attached a description of the overall study or proposal


4. Submit the waiver packet as a single PDF document to the Pediatrics PI Waiver Request Form. An automatic email will be sent to your Division Chief or other Division designee requesting approval of your PI Waiver. 

NEW! For all waivers except DUA/MTA and Industry-Sponsored Clinical Trial Waivers: Upon approval, the PI waiver packet will now be automatically sent to your RPM. No need to send the packet to the RPM outside of this process.

For DUA/MTA and Industry-Sponsored Clinical Trial waivers: Upon approval, the PI Waiver with the Department Chair (Mary Leonard) signature will be returned to you within 5 business days. Please submit the packet to the CT RMG Intake Team. 

5. Upon receipt of the PI Waiver packet, the RPM reviews the documents, submits for review to the School of Medicine Senior Associate Dean for Research, Dr. Ruth O'Hara, for approval and then notifies the requester of the outcome.

Questions about the PI Waiver process within the Department of Pediatrics? Contact Sarah Yeats Patrick,  Assistant Director of Pre-Award Research Administration, in the Office of Pediatric Research Development

Learn more about PI waivers

Types of PI Waivers


Available PI Waivers

Clinical/Medical Fellows & Clinical Instructors (CE)

Career Development


Expanded Career Development 
Career Development

Postdoctoral Fellows & Clinical Scholars

Career Development
Conferences or Workshops
                                  Inter-disciplinary Projects                                     Expanded Career Development 

Clinical Educator (CE) faculty

Career Development (only CE Assistant faculty)
Clinician Educator - Only clinical research allowed 

                              Academic Staff-Researcher                                (Research Associates, Senior Research Scientists, Senior Research Scholars)

Career Development 
Conferences or Workshops
Inter-disciplinary Projects

Faculty w/future appointment

Early PI-ship

Learn More About PI Waivers

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