Office of Pediatric Research Development

We assist Department faculty and learners (instructors, postdocs, clinical fellows, etc.) in securing extramural funding for cutting-edge research. We support all types of proposals from fellowships, career development awards, individual research grants, and large center or training grants. 

Workshops and Events

Our Mission

Lead Research Growth

We support the entire lifecycle of a proposal, including finding funding and critically evaluating drafts of proposals. 

Train Future Scientists

We design, implement, and oversee research building activities to train the next generation of scientists.

Catalyze Research Teams

We catalyze team to ensure a vibrant and cutting-edge research community. 

Innovate & Refine Processes

We innovate and refine operational systems and processes to reduce administrative burden for researchers. 

Services Offered (To All Pediatrics Affiliates)

  • Finding funding opportunities
  • Editing and critically evaluating proposals 
  • Providing grantsmanship advice on text and figures
  • Interpreting sponsor requirements and providing strategic advice
  • Developing strategic plans and monitoring progress of proposal submissions
  • Catalyzing teams and building partnerships 
  • Fostering innovation using competitive intelligence tools
  • Providing educational resources, workshops, and one-on-one consultations

Meet The Team

Crystal Botham, PhD

Director of Research Development

Crystal’s passion for research development was ignited while writing a pre-doc AHA fellowship, which was funded. As a postdoc, she was a Tashia and John Morgridge Endowed Postdoctoral Fellow and also received a NIH F32. In 2019, she joined the Department of Pediatrics as its inaugural director of research development. Crystal is also the founder and director of the Stanford Biosciences Grant Writing Academy

Justin Crest, PhD

Research Development Strategist and Grant Writer

Justin is an experienced research scientist with over 16 years of basic science research in cell and developmental biology. As a Damon Runyon fellow he established multiple collaborative and team-science approaches that received support from NIH, W.M. Keck,  and NSF for these multi-disciplinary projects.

Within the Office of Pediatric Research Development, Justin facilitates:

- strategic research planning with investigators

- planning and submission of large and complex grants proposals (U, P, T32s, K12s, etc.)

- multidisciplinary collaborations and team science

- development of shared resources to support research pre-award activities

Vinita Bharat, PhD

Research Development Strategist and Grant Writer

Vinita Bharat, PhD is an experienced research scientist who has a deep interest and passion in research development and science communication. She has served as a Grant Coach at Grant Writing Academy at Stanford where she actively contributed to various research development activities like proposals and grant writing curriculums development, strategic research advancements, communicating research and research opportunities, establishing collaborations, etc. Along with her 12+ years of experience as a cellular and molecular neuroscientist, she runs an online science communication platform called Fuzzy Synapse to simplify complex scientific ideas and concepts in a fun and easy way with a pinch of humor. She is an acclaimed science communicator; her work has been featured in several international media releases. She aims to contribute to research development with the goals of increasing participation, engagement, diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in STEM fields. In addition, she is committed to continuously improving application content and research capacity by providing comprehensive training to faculty and administrators.

Sarah Yeats Patrick, MA CRA

Research Administrator

Sarah joined the Office of Pediatrics Research Development to implement strategies to reduce grant writing related administrative burden for faculty. Her focus includes ensuring high-quality pre-award support for our junior faculty, aiding in the submission of complex proposals, and mentoring other Research Administrators. Sarah will also be key in growing our new community of practice for research administrators (both pre- and post- award). 

Previously, Sarah was at UCSF and the University of Nevada, Reno. She is also a Research Administrators Certification Council (RACC) Certified Research Administrator. She has a MA in Anthropology.