Culture & Demographic Survey

What is the Purpose of the Culture & Demographic Survey?

The Department of Pediatrics launched a department-wide Culture & Demographic Survey on January 30, 2024, in collaboration with the Department of Medicine. This is a confidential survey to begin to understand the current experiences and demographics of faculty and staff working in these departments so we can identify opportunities to further improve the culture of our workplace. 

Every response impacts the survey results, and we hope to understand how you view our policies and practices and the workplace issues that are important to you at the department level. This helps guide development of new initiatives to improve our workplace culture, engagement, and satisfaction. This survey is also a pilot for larger enterprise wide surveys in the future.

Culture & Demographic Survey Details

The survey is confidential, will take less than 10 minutes to complete, and all of the questions are optional. All data will be deidentified prior to being analyzed by an external statistician. Your name and email address are used solely to remind you to begin or complete the survey. 

Culture & Demographic Survey Results

Only department level results will be reported to protect the anonymity of our community. Results will summarize the overall culture and demographics of the department.

The goal is to have each division reach a 60% completion rate, and those who meet or exceed this goal will be offered the choice of a pizza party or service activity for their division. You contribute significantly to the Department of Pediatrics, and we value your views on working here. We want to identify ways to make our workplace better, and we appreciate your honest feedback regarding your experiences working in the department.