Welcome to Pediatrics Central Research Administration Finance Team (PCRAFT)

PCRAFT serves as the centralized post-award research administration and finance support for the faculty and divisions in the Department of Pediatrics. Our key goals are to:

  • Provide excellent customer service of the highest caliber and professionalism to investigators as they conduct world-class research, groundbreaking discoveries and transform innovations
  • Ensure compliance with sponsor and University policies, regulations and practices by providing guidance, tools and resources to key stakeholders for research administration activities
  • Become subject-matter experts on post-award activities and accurately approve financial transactions, review expenditure statements, anticipate financial commitments, facilitate post-award requests and award closeouts
  • Collaborate with campus partners and participate in process improvement initiatives to streamline workflows and implement the most efficient and effective model in post-award management

Contact Us

Pediatrics Central Research Administration Finance Team

455 Broadway
Discovery Hall, 5th Floor-MC 5580
Redwood City, CA 94063-3126

Post-Award Research Administration

Linh Dinh, Director
ldinh@stanford.edu | (650) 721-8024

                                                                                                                   Anne Early, Research Finance Operations Manager
earlya@stanford.edu | (650) 724-5114

Kathleen Ruland, Research Finance Operations Manager
kruland@stanford.edu | (650) 504-9778

Henry Wong, Research Finance Operations Manager
henry22@stanford.edu | (650) 721-8416

Research Finance Managers

Carina Andres                                                                candres@stanford.edu | (650) 498-2759

Marissa Gonzalez
mgonzal4@stanford.edu | (650) 497-5357

Rebecca Knapp
rknapp@stanford.edu | (650) 497-5354

Kim Son

kimson@stanford.edu | (650) 498-1062

Jay Tsuruoka

tsuruoka@stanford.edu | (650) 498-1705

Missy Wood                                                                    woodml@stanford.edu |  

Lana Tat Abucay, Senior Manager of Financial Analytics, Training, and Quality Assurance
ltat.abucay@stanford.edu | (650) 736-5450

Jose Quinones, Research Finance Operations Manager
jmquin11@stanford.edu | (650) 721-4520

Justin Ryu, Research Finance Operations Manager
jpryu@stanford.edu | (650) 721-8043



                                                                                                              Jenny-Huijuan Chen
hjenny@stanford.edu | (650) 498-1658

Cecilia Fajardo
cfajardo@stanford.edu | (650) 497-1657

Chhayfou (Chai) Hong
chhayfou@stanford.edu | (650) 721-5041

Sherill Saechao
spsaechao@stanford.edu | (650) 736-7573

Brent Taylor
btaylor4@stanford.edu | (650) 723-4239


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