Opportunities to Mentor

Stanford Pediatrics Peer Scholarship Communities Program

Many of our PSC participants are at a stage where they are ready to mentor others but aren’t quite sure where to start. The goal of this list is to act as a resource and hopefully point people in the right direction. 


Medical Scholars Research Program

 medscholars@stanford.edu | Website

Who: Mentor current Stanford medical students

Timeline: Minimum of one quarter

Faculty Interest Form Deadline: August

The Stanford Medical Scholars Research Program (MedScholars) provides opportunities for students to carry out independent research in any area of the medical disciplines. The programs are designed to foster an appreciation and proficiency for the investigative/scholarly process, including study design, hands-on collection of data, interpretation of results, and presentation of work accomplished in oral and written form.


MCHRI DRIVE in Research Pipeline

mchri_admin@stanford.edu | Website

Who: Mentor current Stanford sophomores
Timeline: 8-10 weeks over the summer (minimum of 320 contact hours)
Faculty Interest Form Deadline: April

This program is intended to improve the diversity of the research workforce underrepresented in health-related research while supporting mentorship and training.  Diversity in research is a key component of innovation.  It enhances the creative process by bringing to the table new concepts and points of view and contributes to a culture of transformative scholarship.  The program is aimed at maintaining the pipeline of diverse students interested in biomedical careers.  We will pilot the program this summer beginning June 21, 2021.  The program will run 8-10 weeks through August 27, 2021.  Due to COVID-19, the initial cohort will be limited to Stanford students and all work must be fully remote. A minimum of 320 hours is required.  All areas of research are eligible: basic, translational, clinical research, epidemiology/statistics, informatics, medical education, quality improvement, health services, and health policy.

Pediatrics Internship Program at Stanford  

peds-education@stanford.edu  |  Website

Who: Mentor rising high school juniors or seniors
Timeline: 5 weeks over the summer (15 hours per week)
Faculty Interest Form Deadline: April

The Pediatrics Internship Program @Stanford is a 5-week internship focused on science and medicine that is open to high school rising juniors and seniors who live in Northern California. Our goal is to show students the exciting world of science, research, and medicine!


contact-biox@stanford.edu | Website

Who: Mentor Stanford students
Timeline: 10 weeks over the summer (full time)
Faculty Interest Form Deadline: No specific deadline but faculty profile should be registered with Bio-X well before the student application deadline which is January.

Bio-X has provided workshops to train students in a variety of research-related skills needed to work in a laboratory. These include reading and analyzing manuscripts, gaining the ability to formulate scientific questions, learning to design and set up experiments, preparing and presenting posters, and more. The students have also taken Health & Safety courses and learned about proper Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). At the conclusion of the program, students present the results of the research they had conducted during the program. 

Stanford Pediatrics Residency, Scholarly Concentration

Contact: Clea C. Sarnquist, cleas@stanford.edu | Website

Who: Mentor Stanford Pediatric Residents
Timeline: Project specific but typically 1 to 2 years
Faculty Interest Form Deadline: None

As a mentor, you play a critical role in educating our residents and in helping them build skills in research and scholarship. We hope that through your efforts and dedication, all our residents have a meaningful experience with academic medicine and achieve their maximum potential as emerging leaders in the field. We also hope that as mentors, you derive personal satisfaction from your experience and feel supported in your role. Can be in the categories of quality improvement, basic science, clinical research, community engagement and advocacy (StAT), global health, and medical education. Contact concentration leaders (on website) if interested in being considered as mentor for a project.

Stanford Medicine 1st Generation Mentorship Program

Contact: Dale Lemmerick, dalel@stanford.edu |  Website

Who: Mentor 1st generation Stanford medicine students
Timeline: March
Faculty Interest Form Deadline: UNK  

The 1st Generation Mentorship Program is a community of Stanford Medicine students, faculty, alumni, staff, who are either the first in their family to attend college/graduate/professional school and/or are the first in their families born in the United States. Our goal is to provide first-generation students with broadened academic and professional networking opportunities and

School of Medicine Staff Mentorship Program

som-mentorship@lists.stanford.edu | Website

Who: Mentor SOM Staff at Level H, I, or J
Timeline: 9 months
Faculty Interest Form Deadline: Summer

Mentors meet with their matched mentees in person for one hour once or twice a month for the duration of the program. (January – September). Once the pool of mentors and mentees have been identified, the Mentoring Committee will host a virtual mixer, which will serve as a casual way for potential mentors and mentees to meet via Zoom breakout rooms. Potential mentees may schedule an informational interview with his or her prospective mentor. You will have a chance to provide input on the mentees you meet, and the committee will conduct the “match” process. The mentorship committee will conduct the “match” process and send out the final match. The staff mentorship program strives to ensure that a diversity of cultures, races and ethnicities, genders, political and religious beliefs, physical and learning differences, sexual orientations and identities is thriving on our campus. Such diversity will enhance the learning opportunities for the mentors and mentees of our program

Community College Summer Research Experience

Contact: Marcella Anthony, manthony@stanford.edu | Website

Who: Mentor community college students interested in medicine and biosciences
Timeline: Summer
Faculty Interest Form Deadline: March

Sponsored by Office of Diversity in Medical Education and the Department of Pediatrics, this experience allows for community college students to experience research in various labs. Students are provided a stipend and have sessions together to learn about research from department faculty along with their individual research experiences.

Leadership in Health Disparities

Contact: Sandra Tsai, Sandra.tsai@stanford.edu or Felipe Perez, fperez@stanford.edu

Who: Mentor incoming Stanford medical students
Timeline: Summer
Faculty Interest Form Deadline: UNK

The Leadership in Health Disparities Program (LHDP) was developed from the Stanford Medical School’s Early Matriculation Program (EMP) to promote academic careers in medicine among minority and disadvantaged medical students. The EMP has evolved into the LHDP to create the next generation of physician leaders to address health disparities.

Cardiovascular Institute Mentorship Program


Who: Mentor Stanford graduate students, medical students, residents, postdocs, fellows, or instructors
Timeline: UNK
Faculty Interest Form Deadline: UNK

The Cardiovascular Institute Mentorship Program connects early career cardiovascular scientists with faculty mentors for one-on-one career and research advice.

Informal Mentoring

There may also be opportunities for you to mentor others through informal channels. Often potential mentees may contact you in order to shadow your clinical work or meet with you in a more unstructured manner. Allison Guerin has created a resource for this process regarding occupational health guidelines, health requirements, etc. aguerin@stanford.edu