Office of Pediatric Education

Faculty & Staff Leadership

Education Continuum

MissionTo be the nation’s premier medical and biomedical training center in child health by developing, evaluating, and continually improving transformative educational experiences and programs for learners.


  • Cultivate individuals and teams with the clinical and leadership skills necessary to deliver care and meet the needs of children’s health in the 21st century.
  • Develop individuals’ research skills that empower them to be leaders and innovators in scholarship that advances children’s health.
  • Foster a positive learning culture that values diversity, inclusivity, and equity and encourages reflection, respectful discourse, and an authentic appreciation of differences.
  • Promote a learning community that supports wellbeing through institutional and individual practices.

Rebecca Blankenburg, MD, MPH

Associate Chair of Education

Sarina Tom

Associate Director of Education Operations

Allison Guerin, EdD, MEd

Senior Director of Education & Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice

Ingrid Garnica

Education Coordinator

Medical Student Education

Mission: To educate and inspire leaders in medicine and science who will improve human health through discovery, innovation, scholarship, education, and the delivery of outstanding patient-centered care.

Elizabeth Stuart, MD

Director of Clerkship Education

Julia Arndt

Medical Student Education Coordinator

Kevin Chi, MD

Associate Core Clerkship Director

Residency Education

Mission: To create outstanding clinicians and leaders in children's health.

Caroline Rassbach, MD, MAEd

Program Director

Elisa Phillips, MD

Associate Program Director, Curriculum

Geoff Hart-Cooper, MD

Associate Program Director, Continuity Clinics and Primary Care

Kim Hoang, MD

Associate Program Director, Advising

Michelle Brooks, CTA-CC

Residency Coordinator

Katherine Jackman

Associate Residency Coordinator

Kevin Kuo, MD, MHPE

Associate Program Director, Curriculum

Lahia Yemane, MD

Associate Program Director, Advising & Recruitment

Sara Kibrom, MD

Associate Program Director, Advising

Lindsey Rasmussen, MD

Associate Program Director, Advising  Pediatrics-Anesthesiology Program

Carrie Johnson, MBA

Associate Director for Residency Education

Carrie McGaughey

Residency Coordinator

Fellowship Education

Mission: To foster a learning community that promotes innovation, clinical excellence, and future physician leaders.

Hayley Gans, MD

Director of Fellowship Education

Charlene Rotandi, AB,

Associate Director of Fellowship Education

Wendy Cardamone

Fellowship Coordinator, Allergy/Immunology & Pediatric Rheumatology

Samuel DeKlerk, BA, BS

Residency & Fellowship Coordinator, Medical Genetics Residency, Combined Pediatrics-Medical Genetics Residency, Medical Biochemical Genetics Fellowship

Alma Gama, MS, MA

Fellowship Coordinator, Pediatric Gastroenterology

Guadalupe Ortega

Fellowship & Faculty Development Coordinator, Pediatric Hospital Medicine and Pediatric Gender Medicine, and Peer Scholarship Communities

Bonnie Halpern-Felsher, PhD

Director of Fellowship Research

Megan Christofferson, C-TAGME

Department Fellowship Manager

Melyssa Martinez Walker, MPH

Fellowship Coordinator, Pediatric Cardiology

Mary Riordan, MA

Fellowship Coordinator
Pediatric Hospital Medicine & Clinical Informatics

Lupe Romero-Villanueva

Fellowship Coordinator, Pediatric Cardiology


Fellowship Coordinator, Pediatric Endocrinology & Pediatric Infectious Diseases

Postdoc & Student Education

MissionTo provide research education that trains learners as scientists who can contribute to the empirical knowledge base of pediatrics, and who advance the discovery, integration, and application of scholarship in the basic, clinical, and translational sciences.

Manuel Amieva, MD, PhD

Director of Postdoctoral Affairs

Yuting (Ting) Zheng

Postdoc & Student Coordinator

Margaret Murphy, MSEd

Associate Director of Postdocs & Students