Pediatrics Promoting Opportunity and Diversity (pPODs)

Video courtesy of Gretchen Shawver

In an effort to find new and creative outlets to engage employees in the Department of Pediatrics, we are kicking off a new cohort of pPODs (Pediatrics Promoting Opportunities and Diversity).

pPODs is a small co-ed peer groups of 6 -10 participants from various Department of Pediatrics functions who come together monthly to support each other in making big things happen for themselves and others in their lives. Specifically, our objectives are: 

  1. to promote innovation and creativity around real-life situations by connecting you to peers from job functions with whom you might not typically interact.
  2. to create meaningful connections beyond title/function by offering a safe space to be authentic and experiment.

The pPOD sessions will be led by two facilitators on discussions around a pre-selected topic and members' own real-life stories of challenges and opportunities. pPODS will meet over a six-month timeline. Participants in pPODS must commit to attending at least five of the scheduled six sessions and need to work with their supervisor to accommodate this commitment in their regular work schedule. The sessions will be approximately one hour each.

For questions about pPODs, please direct inquiries to any of the facilitators listed below.

Surabhi Agrawal, Mary Chen, Eunice Delumen, Elena Infeld, Margaret Lin, Nam Ly-Sarmiento, Shawna McManus, Mariana Penrose, Gretchen Shawver, and Daisy Torres