Tackling Your K Writing Club

A Grant Writing Club for Writing Career Development Awards

The Office of Pediatric Research Development is excited to announce that Tackling your K Club 2024 activities will begin in late February! All Pediatrics instructors and postdocs submitting their NIH K awards for the June/October 2024 or Feb 2025 deadlines are invited to join. 

This year we are beginning on February 21, 2024  with a ½ day dynamic in-person workshop titled “Map Your K Award” in Alway M212. We will discuss K Award requirements and use design thinking to prototype your proposal.  

This K Writing Club teaches grant writing fundamentals and provides strategies to address the many components of the NIH K application (K08, K23, K99/R00, etc.), including detailed training, mentoring, and research plans. Participants will understand the application process, learn novel ways including design thinking principles for mapping their K proposal, participate in the interactive peer-review feedback sessions, receive individualized feedback, and learn how to "think like a reviewer".

Please feel free to reach out with any questions to Dr. Vinita Bharat (vbharat@stanford.edu)


Learning Objectives

 •          Generate concise and clear aims that are measurable and realistic

•           Communicate clearly the significance and its importance to public health

•           Develop a feasible research plan

•           Outline a structured personalized career plan that enables independence

•           Apply grantsmanship fundamentals, including to use the review criteria to inform writing

•           Shape a mentoring team invested in your success

•           Assemble a tool box, i.e., templates, boiler documents to guide proposal development


Vinita Bharat, PhD

Research Development Strategist and Grant Writer

Vinita Bharat, PhD is an experienced research scientist who has a deep interest and passion in research development and science communication. She has served as a Grant Coach at Grant Writing Academy at Stanford where she actively contributed to various research development activities like proposals and grant writing curriculums development, strategic research advancements, communicating research and research opportunities, establishing collaborations, etc. Along with her 12+ years of experience as a cellular and molecular neuroscientist, she runs an online science communication platform called Fuzzy Synapse to simplify complex scientific ideas and concepts in a fun and easy way with a pinch of humor. She is an acclaimed science communicator; her work has been featured in several international media releases. She aims to contribute to research development with the goals of increasing participation, engagement, diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in STEM fields. In addition, she is committed to continuously improving application content and research capacity by providing comprehensive training to faculty and administrators.

Crystal Botham, PhD

Crystal is Director of Research Development for the Department of Pediatrics. Her passion for research development was ignited while writing a pre-doc AHA fellowship, which was funded. As a postdoc, she was a Tashia and John Morgridge Endowed Postdoctoral Fellow and also received a NIH F32. In 2019, she joined the Department of Pediatrics as its inaugural director of research development. Crystal is also the founder and director of the Stanford Biosciences Grant Writing Academy