Faculty Onboarding

The OAA has created an information management system to facilitate the onboarding of NEW faculty at the Stanford School of Medicine. Currently this system is being piloted with specific departments. The system will be rolled out to all departments in Spring of 2017.


The Faculty Onboarding System gathers information from both the onboarding faculty and the hiring department to create a profile of the faculty member.  This profile is then shared with the school and hospital staff involved in onboarding. A customized to-do list is also created for the onboarding faculty. 





Initiate Faculty Onboarding Process

The Faculty Onboarding process should be initiated:

1) For Professoriate: when the offer letter is approved by OAA and Faculty Compensation

2) For Clinician Educators and Instructors: when the department has determined that the candidate will be hired

To initiate the Faculty Onboarding process the staff member responsible for onboarding the new faculty member from the hiring department should fill out the new Faculty Onboarding Survey.


Questions?  For questions about the Faculty Onboarding System please contact Alex Obaya (alexandra.obaya@stanford.edu). For questions about specific onboarding processes (credentialing, benefits, etc.) please contact the appropriate department. 

The Faculty Onboarding system is available for all departments in the School of Medicine. Please contact Alex Obaya (alexandra.obaya@stanford.edu) if your department has not been set-up.