Leaves of Absence, Workers' Compensation & Workplace Accommodations

When you need to spend more than three consecutive days away from work, it's considered a leave of absence, unless you are taking planned vacation. We provide many types of leave for these occasions. To learn more, please review the Leave of Absence website or directly contact our Disability & Leave Services (DLS) representative. You may also learn more about Voluntary Disability Insurance (VDI) here.

Steps for Taking a Leave are outlined on the Cardinal at Work Website. However, Step 2 of this process should be submitted via the Pediatrics Leave Smartsheet.

Once you have read the above, please proceed to initiate your claim online here: http://stanford.io/AbsenceOne (can also be found in your Axess page within the Employee Center tab under the Benefits section). Alternatively, you can initiate your claim by calling 866-566-1906.

Rosalynn Lobos

University HR - Disabilty & Leave Services (DLS)

Phone: 650-497-7753

Fax: 650-724-7416

Email: 3-hrleaves@stanford.edu