Current Postdocs

Making the Most of Your Postdoc

Your Individual Development Plan (IDP)

As a postdoctoral scholar, you are responsible for your career trajectory and success, but your Stanford faculty mentors will also provide ongoing mentoring, guidance, and resources, in both scientific and career development, to support you toward your goals.

Click here to navigate your yearly Individual Development Plan (IDP) -- map out your career path at Stanford.

Applying for Grants

The process of applying for research funding supports not only good research, but also develops communication skills and independent thinking. Stanford can help  identify funding sources, develop proposals, and manage funding. Note that regardless of funding source, all postdocs must receive at least the minimum salary, and are entitled to benefits.  The faculty sponsor is required to supplement any  fellowship that does not meet the minimum salary and/or does not provide funding explicitly directed to benefits coverage.


  • Stanford Office of Pediatric Education | Postdoc Services

Your Postdoc Team

In Pediatrics, we have a postdoc team to support you as you pursue your goals. Please contact us and let us know how we can help you.