ARISE Intersectional Coalition

Act | Respond | Include | Sustain | Empower (ARISE)

ARISE Vision Statement

The ARISE (Act, Respond, Include, Sustain, Empower) Intersectional Coalition aims to use an anti-racist and intersectional approach to address various needs, challenges, and opportunities to promote a greater sense of equity, inclusion, and belonging for faculty, staff, and trainees within the Stanford Department of Pediatrics.

Overarching Goals of ARISE

  • Provide DEIJ leadership opportunities for faculty and staff who don’t serve in DEIJ-focused roles within the department to serve as Action Team Leads .
  • Create meaningful opportunities for faculty and staff to engage and contribute to DEIJ efforts and culture change across the department as Action Team Members
  • Provide a structure for ongoing development, collaboration, and sustainability of DEIJ initiatives

ARISE 2023

Work from SPAARC (Stanford Pediatrics Advancing Anti-Racism Coalition) 1.0, 2.0 and themes from the DEIJ Listening Sessions shaped the development of six new ARISE Action Teams which were co-led by faculty and staff. The first phase of ARISE took place starting January through June 2023. 

Action Teams and Charges

ARISE 2024

Outcomes from SPAARC, themes from the DEIJ Listening Sessions, and work from the ARISE 2023 Action Teams have shaped the development of four action teams for ARISE 2024, which will run from January through June 2024. The Action Teams include the following:

Action Teams and Charges