2023 WIM Lauren Destino

Lauren Destino, MD
Division of Pediatric Hospital Medicine

Why did you pursue a career in medicine?

I always thought about being a doctor. I liked math and science in addition to working with people. I studied engineering in college in the case I changed my mind about medicine. When I got into medical school, I felt the world was telling me to go for it.

What is a challenge you experience in pursuing a career in medicine?

In residency, I remember requesting my "golden weekends" meant saying no to certain events (weddings, bachelorette parties, etc.). Though that was hard, I felt a commitment to my learning and work and felt balance in still being able to say yes to a lot of things. I think there is still an element of that as an attending.

What is the most fulfilling part of your work? 

I love the variety of my day in terms of what I am working on or with whom I am working. I also really value the time I am on service taking care of patients and working with residents

What strategies do you use to maintain your own well-being? 

I try to prioritize a lot of non-work related activities including exercise, coaching my kids in soccer, our neighborhood book club, cooking, time with my extended family and more.

What advice would you give someone starting in the field? 

There are so many things you can do in medicine. And your career does not have to be a straight line. Medicine is hard work but the work we do is also a privilege.