Prospective Postdocs

Welcome Message from Manuel Amieva, MD, PhD

Thank you for considering Stanford Pediatrics for your postdoctoral research training. We have prepared this website to introduce you to our community, and some of our departmental research, and professional development opportunities.

When you decide to join Stanford Pediatrics, you are joining a large interdisciplinary community of postdoctoral scholars with 100+ postdocs from top universities all over the world. Each postdoc is unique in their interests and skills in basic science, statistical science, social science, and computer science and work in over 50+ labs. 

The common thread in this interdisciplinary department is curiosity and motivation to solve problems related to child health. We consider one of our biggest strengths is the diversity of our backgrounds, interests,and  approaches and we encourage you to meet and collaborate with others in our department. 

In the lab, you will learn new research methods and mentor younger students. You will enhance your training, zero-in on the problems you want to solve and prepare for an independent career as a researcher with state-of-the art facilities, speaker series, and world-renowned PIs. 

Outside the lab, you will have unique opportunities to teach and expand your skills as a grant writer, scientific author, and conference presenter.

We look forward to working with you!

Manuel Amieva, MD, PhD
Director of Postdoctoral Affairs, Stanford Pediatrics

Explore this site for further information about our unique community of postdoctoral researchers

  • Events: Read on to discover the Med Ed Forum: Innovations in Medical Education & Biosciences Educastion, Diversity & Inclusion Forum, Pediatrics Research Retreat, Postdoc Quarterly Events, and  MCHRI Symposium. Learn More
  • Mentorship: We support postdocs to engage with a second mentor - another researcher on campus for career and scientific advice. 
  • Special Funding:  We offer unique opportunities for funding through the MCHRI (Maternal & Child Health Research Institute) and the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs
  • Map Your Postdoc Journey: Your postdoc journey will be unique, but we map out some of the milestones you don't want to miss along the way. Learn More

Community Building Events

Check out our great commuity-building events for postdocs!

Postdoc Alumni

We invite all of our postdoctoral alumni to stay involved with Stanford Pediatrics!

Your ongoing commitment to Stanford Pediatrics is crucial to the continued success of our programs research activities. From mentoring, speaking at events, or attending alumni weekend, there are lots of ways to strengthen your connection to Stanford and have a positive impact on the next generation of scientists.  

Check out our Alumni Profile below.

Alumni Spotlight

Sriram Vaidyanathan, PhD

What is your current area of research/job responsibility? I am a principal investigator at the Center for Gene Therapy in Nationwide Children's Hospital. My lab works on developing genome editing approaches to treat cystic fibrosis.

What piece of advice would you like to share with current Peds postdocs to make the most of their time at Stanford? I found that there are many resources and opportunities that are unique to Stanford (e.g., SPARK, grant writing academy) and they helped me immensely with my science and career development. These were also great avenues to learn about all the interesting scientific developments from other labs on campus and expand my network.

What resource was most helpful in your job search? I attended the Preparing for Faculty Careers course as I was preparing to apply. Most invitations to interviews I received were from contacts I made through mentors and collaborators. I also found practice talks with faculty mentors very useful in preparing for job talks. I received more invitations for a second interview from the presentations I made after these practice talks.

What was your favorite place to eat at Stanford? Why? I liked the Y2E2 Coupa cafe. I liked the courtyard (and the food!).

Find a Research Lab & Mentor

The first step in finding a postdoctoral position at Stanford Pediatrics is to identify a lab that matches your research interests and fits your personal goals.

Start by exploring the researcher profiles on our website.

The Stanford Office of Postdoctoral Affairs recommends talking to your current PhD program mentors, who may have connections with researchers at Stanford.

Reach out by email or in person at a conference to connect to prospective PIs. 

Open postdoctoral positions at Stanford are advertised here.

  • Stanford Office of Pediatric Education | Postdoc Services

Your Postdoc Team

In Pediatrics, we have a postdoc team to support you as you pursue your goals. Please contact us and let us know how we can help you.