Quantitative Sciences Unit

The Quantitative Sciences Unit (QSU, https://med.stanford.edu/qsu.html)  is a collaborative statistics unit in the Biomedical Informatics Research (BMIR) Division in the Department of Medicine (DOM).

As part of a partnership between the Quantitative Sciences Unit (QSU) and the Maternal and Child Health Research Institute (MCHRI), MCHRI members and trainees may request collaboration and consultation for their research projects related to maternal and child health from the QSU (click here to submit a request directly to the QSU).  If you are not already an MCRHI member, please click here to apply.

The mission of the QSU is to facilitate cutting-edge scientific studies initiated by Stanford investigators by providing expertise in biostatistics and informatics, to mentor and educate clinical investigators in research methods, and to mentor data scientists so that they can reach their full potential.  The QSU achieves its mission through an interdisciplinary collaborative approach where QSU members become fully integrated into individual research teams.  QSU goals are to: 

  • Design studies that optimize the ease of interpreting results
  • Provide high quality data analysis using modern statistical techniques
  • Develop new or adapt old methods for optimal analysis as the need arises
  • Securely house and track data in a HIPAA-compliant and IRB-compliant manner
  • Create user-friendly publicly available software for recommended methods
  • Interpret results
  • Disseminate findings
  • Mentor clinical investigators in research methods

Stanford Data Science Resources: 

The QSU is part of a larger collection of data science resources within the Stanford School of Medicine. To learn about all these data science resources and to initiate a consultation, please visit the Stanford Data Science Resources web portal.