Basic Science Research

Anna Gloyn, DPhil is the Associate Chair of Basic Science

Our basic science researchers build on our highly successful clinical care programs and collaborations with other researchers throughout the School of Medicine and Stanford University to make fundamental discoveries that will help diagnose, treat and prevent illnesses impacting the health and well-being of children. Their laboratories also serve as sites for the training of tomorrow's clinician-scientists and academic leaders who will innovate and discover new ways of caring for children. The Department of Pediatrics' basic science research is led by Anna Gloyn, DPhil, Associate Chair Basic Research, and members of the Department's Research Advisory Committee

Catch up on the latest basic science research happening here in the Department of Pediatrics from our very own researchers.

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3rd Tuesdays of the month @ 4-5PM 

Are you an aspiring or expert computational biologists? Would you like to learn about ongoing computational research in pediatrics and meet colleagues and share expertise and network in an informal monthly forum? Join us! If you would like to present, please let Ivana Maric, MS, PhD know.   

3rd Wednesdays of the Month @ 4 - 5 PM