The Human Resources Team provides all staff and faculty with guidance, resources, and support during your tenure with us. We foster a work environment that develops, rewards, and retains talented, productive, and diversified workforce. We aim to embed our work environment with core values of accountability, collaboration, communication, and positive impact.

Shawna McManus

Director, Academic Affairs & Human Resources 

(650) 497-9654

Anna Brown

Human Resources Manager

(831) 227-0547

Juana Fulks

Human Resources Coordinator

(650) 497-3699

Tina Shinya

Sr. Human Resources Manager

(703) 547-7292 

Robbin Brown

Human Resources Coordinator

(650) 725-0315

Vanessa Navarro

Human Resources Coordinator

(650) 724-5834

Stacey Chen

Human Resources Coordinator

Office of Academic Affairs & Human Resources 

455 Broadway, Discovery Hall, Floor 5, MC: 5580

Redwood City, CA 94063