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SoM Staff Mentoring Program (link)


Experienced staff serve as mentors to staff interested in professional development, networking, enhancing leadership skills, and navigating career paths within SoM.

Mentees: SoM staff for > 1 year classified at Level H/I/J.  Mentors: SoM staff for > 1 year classified at Level K or above


Stanford Research Staff Career Stories (link)


Monthly sessions featuring Stanford staff in clinical and translational research through personal story-telling.

All Stanford staff and affiliates

Pilot monthly series January to June 2021 (may be continued)

pPOD - pediatrics promoting opportunities and diversity (link)


pPODs are small co-ed peer groups of 8-10 participants from various Department of Pediatrics functions who come together monthly to support each other. Sessions may be topic focused, usually with a TedTalk.

Department of Pediatrics Staff


Pediatrics Staff Career Navigation & Mentoring Workshops A group of leaders in the Department will host 3-4 workshops per year geared toward Department staff looking for mentorship and career navigation Department of Pediatrics Staff

Dec 3, 2021 recording;

Mar 31, 2022 

 July 26, 2022 recording

SoM Learning Channels & Resources (link)

Broad range of content related to talent development and management. Learning materials are continuously added on such topics as diversity, performance management, teamwork, etc.

All Stanford staff and affiliates

Continuously through Virtual Learning

Engage Series (link)

Promote the development of knowledge and skills for faculty and staff in teaching fundamentals, leadership, and educational scholarship to become more effective educators and to advance their careers. Sessions will be offered monthly with CME credit in each of the two series: Teaching Fundamentals, and Leadership.

Pediatrics faculty and staff

Monthly sessions year round

Day in the Life (link) Monthly conversations with staff for a glimpse into their role within the Department: from research to finance to HR Staff in Pediatrics Monthly conversations

Peds Mini Med School (link)

Monthly lectures that provide opportunities to further staff understanding of some of today's most compelling health issues and how Stanford is working to improve the health of children.

Staff in Pediatrics

Monthly lectures from September to June

Cardinal at Work Professional Development Courses (link)

Variety of development courses and connection opportunities, such as informational interviews and networking workshops. Join other colleagues from across the university to learn new skills and techniques that will improve your job performance and keep you on the track for success.

All university staff

Year round offerings

University’s Communities of Practice (link)

Collaborative Communities in general expand staff and Stanford's capabilities. Communities of Practice (CoP) work when they are attended by professionals that share a particular job function. When people that do the same work in different environments get together, share what works, and share discrete practices, it can be a very rewarding experience. CoPs are learning communities.

Any staff member can start a Community of Practice.

Each CoP determines own meeting frequency.

Staff Recognition

Meet our Employee of the Month Winners!

Our winner and runner-up nominees for each month will be displayed right here!

Here you will have the opportunity to get to know more information about your dedicated colleagues in Pediatrics such as which division they work in, what their role is within their division, how long they've worked for the Department and University, where they are from, and how they like to spend their time outside of work.

You'll even get a chance to see who else in the Department of Pediatrics is making a notable, positive impact as runner-up nominees for each month!

Your August 2020 winner and runner-up nominees are in!

Congratulations, Surabhi Agrawal 

Surabhi Agrawal is the Director of Finance for the Department of Pediatrics. She has been part of the Pediatrics team for five years and has served at Stanford for a total of seven years. Surabhi grew up in India and moved to the United States for her Master’s degree. She received her MBA in finance from the University of Texas.

Surabhi states, “When not working, I love reading, learning a new skill like tennis/singing/chess, connecting with friends, and spending time with my kids. I love everything about my job. More specifically: my amazing team, the leadership in the department as well as the new challenges/projects that keep evolving and never leave a dull moment.”

Your July 2020 winner and runner-up nominees are in!

Congratulations, Janine Bergin

Janine Bergin is a Program Manager at CPQCC in the Division of Neonatology. She has been working for CPQCC since late 2015. Janine grew up in Northern Virginia (Washington, DC Metro area) and moved to the SF Bay Area six years ago. She went to George Mason University in Northern Virginia where she completed her bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She later received certifications in Project Management, Lean Six Sigma, and Stanford's Clinical Research Operations Certification Program.

Janine states, “I enjoy hiking, camping, and volunteer work. I love going to national parks and redwood forests. My most memorable hikes are Grand Canyon, Dolomites in the Italian alps, and Lake Louise in Canada.  I love the people I work with and the mission behind our work (improving the care of mothers and babies in CA). I am honored to work with an amazing team at CPQCC and Stanford, as well as volunteer committee members from across the state."

Notable, runner-up nominees for July 2020:

Megan Christofferson (Gastroenterology) 

Your June 2020 winner and runner-up nominees are in!

Congratulations, Priyanka Moodlyar

Priyanka Moodlyar is an Associate Director, Clinical Operations. She has been with Pediatrics since May 2018 and with Stanford since May 2009. Priyanka states, “It’s been a rewarding and fun 11 years with Stanford.” Priyanka was born and raised in India, and she moved to the US in 2008. She completed her education in India, attending the University of Pune for a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and a Master’s in Human Resources and Training.

Priyanka States, “When I am not working, my 5-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son keep me on my toes. I love doing yoga, traveling, trying out new restaurants, and going on hikes with the family. The best part of my job is the people I work with, and the variety of interactions across the department and school which give me an opportunity to learn something new every day!”


Notable, runner-up nominees for June 2020:

Danielle Osburg (Laboratory for Cell and Gene Medicine) Jacqueline Sunderland (Endocrinology) Katarzyna Swietkowiak (Genetics), Kim Son (Cardiology), Loan Nguyen (Stem Cell Transplant and Regenerative Medicine) Maisi Mayo (Stem Cell Transplant and Regenerative Medicine)and Premanjali Lahiri (Laboratory for Cell and Gene Medicine)

Your May 2020 winner and runner-up nominees are in!

Congratulations, Mihoko Bennett

Mihoko Bennett is a Biostatistician with the CPQCC in the Division of Neonatology. She has been with CPQCC for 8 years and with Stanford 17 years as a whole. Mihoko was born and raised in Kanagawa, Japan. She attended Tsuda College (Tokyo, Japan) to complete her bachelor’s degree in Math, then Yale to complete her master’s in Statistics, and finally Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute to complete her PhD in Decision Science.

Mihoko states, “When I am not working, I like to travel to places I've never been, go to shows, and do Zumba for my exercise!” She also states the best part of her job is, “definitely the people who I work with are the number one reason I love my job. The collaboration and support I get from the group are amazing. I'm proud to be a part of the team dedicated to helping improve the cares of babies.”


Notable, runner-up nominees for May 2020: 

Kim Son (Cardiology)and Juana Fulks (Operation)