Research Administrators' Community of Practice

The mission of the Research Administrators' Community of Practice (RA COP) is to increase and disseminate research administration knowledge by developing and sharing best practices, building a collection of resources, innovating, and bringing together a vibrant community of administrators.

Created in 2020, this RA COP consists of a group of administrators, Division Managers, members from PCRAFT, and others interested in research administration who share the following principles:

●     Fostering collaboration and innovation among pre- and post-award Research Administrators

●     Building and aligning resources to reduce administrative burden

●     Sharing knowledge and best practices to increase efficiency

●     Celebrating and developing a diverse workforce of Research Administrators

We are recruiting Community Leads for the RA COP!
Apply by March 3, 2023

As the RA COP continues to grow, we are seeking Community Leads, with pre- and post-award experience, to devote 2 hours per month to support the RA COP. Duties include:

  • Leading: facilitating quarterly RA COP Meetings which can include networking, professional development, trainings, etc.
  • Event Planning: including scheduling, developing agendas, scheduling Zoom, and posting meeting minutes
  • Collaborating: serving as a liaison between the RA COP, RMG, ORA/OSR, and other COPs
  • Knowledge sharing: managing the RA COP Slack Channel and email list, distributing sponsor updates, and identifying         research administration topics
  • Fiscal oversight: Overseeing the RA COP budget of $3,000

The RA COP Community Leads will be supported by an advisory committee which includes OPRD, PCRAFT, and Division Managers. Community Leads will be compensated for their time and leadership with an honorarium of $750 and will hold the position for a one-year period. Elections will be held annually in February thereafter.

Individuals interested in applying for a Community Lead position should complete the interest form. Submissions are due by Friday, March 3, 2023. 

If you have questions, please contact Sarah Yeats Patrick, Pre-Award Manager in OPRD. 

Past Events

Drop-in office hours for feedback on NIH Biosketches 

NIH Biosketch Updates and Changes - January 20, 2022

NIH Other Support: Got Burning Questions? - March 30, 2022

Meet & Greets with RMG - May 2022

In-Person Research Administrators' Networking - June 14, 2022

Founding Members

To better support research administrators in the Department of Pediatrics, we launched a Research Administrators’ Community of Practice. A community of practice is a group of people who “share a concern or a passion of something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly.”

Founding members of the RA COP included individuals from Pediatrics Central Research Administration Finance Team (PCRAFT), Office of Pediatric Research Development (OPRD), and research administrators. 

Interested in Joining?

Join our mailing list to stay up to date on COP meetings and events. 

You can also connect with us on Slack! Search #peds-research-administration-community-of-practice in Slack to join.