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Last Revised 4/30/2020

Dear Program Directors, Program Coordinators, and House Staff,

We received many nominations of Program Directors and Program Coordinators with wonderfully written letters from house staff, program coordinators, and program directors. 

We are happy to announce the results for the 2020 Program Director GME Award for Outstanding Contribution to GME.

Congratulations! Ronald Witteles, MD Program Director – Internal Medicine Residency

Ronald Witteles, MD

2019-2020 Recipient

Program Director – Internal Medicine Residency


Eligibility Criteria

Current residency or fellowship Program Director, who has been in the role for at least two years.

Nominate a Program Director

Nominations should include the following:

  • Required: 1-2 letter(s) from residents/fellows (maximum 500 words each, may be co-authored)
  • Required: 1 letter from the Department Chair or Division Chief (maximum 500 words) 
  • Optional: 1-2 letter(s) (maximum 500 words) from others (e.g. Program Coordinator, Associate Program Director, faculty, or another Program Director, but not from the GME office)


Nominations should illustrate how the Program Director has had a significant positive impact and what characteristics make her/him unusually effective.

Specific examples of the Program Director’s dedication, innovation, creativity, leadership, teamwork, advocacy, crisis management, role modeling, and other qualities will be helpful.

Please send nomination letters to Alyssa Carrasco (