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Matt O'Neill, M.Ed.

Training Coordinator

Stanford E-mail Account: SUNet ID

The Department of Graduate Medical Education requires that you obtain a Stanford SUNet ID / e-mail address before attending the GME Orientation.

  • If you currently have or previously had an e-mail address in the domain, then you already have a Stanford SUNet ID/e-mail address.
    Please enter your SUNet ID on the Stanford Application. The Stanford Application is usually the first item on the Checklist you received in the e-mail from "MedHub Notification."

  • If you are new to Stanford, the GME office, will e-mail you the SUNet ID account link (usually in May) for you to establish your SUNet ID/e-mail address. This requires two steps in two separate email notifications. First fill in the information form, then choose a SUNet ID when you receive the approval confirmation. If you had a SUNet ID/e-mail address, respond to the invitation form completely, making sure to mark "yes" about previous Stanford affiliation. We should be able to match you up and reactivate your existing account. 

  • The SUNet ID you choose will be your permanent, visible identifier at Stanford that cannot be changed. However, the outgoing name on your email (not the email address, just the name part) may be updated for legal name changes or typos, contact GME. Also, you may set an "alias" to forward email to your Inbox if you wish to use multiple incoming addresses, see

  • GME sponsors SUNet ID, email, and Lane Library access up to and including the last day of your training. We will annually renew all sponsorships up to the date listed in MedHub for "end date" under training history. If you need sponsorship past this date, please apply to your program or dept administrator for further sponsorship well before the expiration date to prevent loss of access to your email.